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In this section, you will have an opportunity to send in a personal story, achievement, advice, or anything you think would be valuable to our readers.
Editorials may be submitted to the editor at
As this is our first issue, we do not have an editorial for October.
Sorry, but hopefully next month we will have some response in here.

Q & A's
In this section, we will address common questions from our discussion board as well as any question you may feel is important that you want to send in to the editor.

Q: I have my first order of steroids on the way.
I ordered a cycle of sustanon 250. Anyways my question is where and how to
inject. I only lift with my upperbody. Should I inject into my biceps or
rear? also should I roate injections? one final question do you insert
slowly or pop it in fast? thank you very much.

Answer: There are three injection sites; the upper outer part of the buttocks, the thigh, and the outer shoulder. The most common is the butt. If you are injecting multiple steroids or more than one injection at a time (to reach a desired dosage, for instance), then yes, you should rotate them as to not saturate or agitate the muscle. You may do both sides of the butt if needed. As for how to inject; stick the needle into the muscle at a 90 degree angle to the body (straight in, not angled either direction) with a swift, dart-like, motion. You do not want to hesitate after hitting the skin, just stick it in and do your very best not to flinch or flex. It really doesn't hurt. Now, inject slowly. It should take 30 seconds or more. I mean, it doesn't hurt after the needle is in at all, you could stand there all day if you wanted, but you want to inject the steroid in slowly since it is in an oil base and will hurt if you do it fast. The best way to keep from having it hurt when sticking yourself is to stand on your other leg, relaxing your side of injection, angle your foot down and outward ( try to lean up on a table and let your leg hang there, barely touching the floor with your toes holding it angled outward). This will keep all pressure off of the muscle injected. That's it. Just make sure you aspirate ( drawing back on the needle to check for blood in the syringe.) If clear ( no red), continue with injection. And make sure the needle is all the way in ( 11/4 to 11/2 inch needle, 22 gauge).

Q: I was wondering if you could supply me some insight. I was wondering what
the differences, if any, there are between clomid and other brands like
omifin and dufine. I know that the last two are more generic brands, but
are they of the same quality? I could not check the info on your site as I
did not have a pass word to log on. Thank you for any help you can give to me.

Answer: There really is not a difference in of quality Clomid and it's other names.

Q: Could you please send me or call me regarding information on steroids that
are great for fat loss. I've heard that there are certain ones that pretty
much suck the fat right off of you. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: "Sucking the fat right out of you." That's called liposuction. Yes there are products like Cytomel, Clenbuterol, Synthroid, and the newest up coming star, Triacana. These products accelerate the body's metabolism which increases the amount of calories being burned which inturn causes the body to produce a significant amount of heat. This heat causes the body to process proteins, carbohydrates, and fats at a much faster rate. These also, interestingly enough, can lead to more muscle gains when stacked with steroids. A substance that increases metabolism and alleviated body heat also causes an accelerated conversion of protein to muscle tissue. These shouldn't be taken for any more than eight weeks and should have at least two months in between cycles. Generally, Cytomel, Synthroid, and Triacana are taken in doses of 10mgs per day and Clenbuterol in 60 mcg per day. Note that Clen is mcg's not mg's.

Until the next issue, Good training.

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.. Any advice given on this board is just an opinion and not to be taken as medical advice. WCBB doesn't advocate or condone use of steroids. Check the laws in your country. WCBB just provides the platform in which to discuss such matters
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