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Section I --"Gettin da Gear"

Part 1

Tricks and Tips for getting the "gear" thru the pesky U.S. Customs.

I have been surfing and reading the ANABOLIX and the ELITEFITNESS message boards on the Internet for a couple of months. I wish I had a dollar for every post that stated that a person was ripped off by a "source". I have also seen countless posts from customers of these sources who received a seizure letter from the U.S. Customs. Now there are some foreign scam artists who have done a lot of damage and have made a killing on undeserving people. But at the same time there are some "Legit Foreign Sources" too. But all too often, these "Legit Sources" send out their customers paid-for items, only to have them stolen by the U.S. Customs.

I have talked to these sources that live outside the U.S. I have asked them how they are shipping your items. The most common ways that these sources send out steroids is "small packages". Everyone thinks that small packages have better chances of going through customs without being checked than larger ones. So, the source will usually put your amps and/or pills, place them in a small box, or small padded shipping bag, and away they go!

Sometimes the customer is informed via email from the source, that the package has been shipped. Sometimes the source advertises the shipping times on this product list that he/she emails out to his customers. So the customer knows how long to wait after the source receives their money.

After the estimated delivery date is has passed, the customer gets pissed off, and deems the source a rip-off. Eight to twelve weeks later, the customer receives a letter from the U.S. Customs. The letter states that a package addressed to them has been seized and detained by officials due to the fact that the package contained drugs that are not allowed to be shipped in the U.S. without a valid prescription from a valid doctor. The customer has to present the said prescription and the package will be released to him/her. Needless to say, the customer doesn't have a prescription.

I think this goes without saying, but never-ever-ever try to claim the package. Cut your losses and move on. If asked, deny any knowledge of the package or its supplier. The ONLY time that you should make an exception is the issue of Growth Hormone. I say this because of the high price of Growth Hormones that one spends to obtain it. With some convincing, you can persuade the Postmaster or U.S Customs to let your package pass. It has been done successfully.

Well, what can we do to increase our chances that our packages can get through U.S. Customs without being seized (stolen) ? Read on my friends. Here are some tried and proven ways to do it. If you decide to make a transaction with a "legit foreign source" then you must take some responsibility of increasing your chances of a clean delivery. Do not lay it all on the hands of your source. When you send your money, tell the source how you want it delivered. Do not let him dictate how it will be mailed. Once the source has your money, the products are yours. They are yours whether they are in your hands or still in the hands of the source waiting to be mailed. Take that attitude!!!! Most legit sources will be happy to comply, if they are not, move on to another source.

The trick is to disguise the package. In other words, make the package look INNOCENT. You also have to make it obvious to a Customs official that it contains something besides illegal contraband. Here is a trick to try.

1. The "Hidden Compartment in the Book"

Supplies you need:

- A fairly thick book that is hardbound, around 8 x 10 in size. 4-5 inches thick. A dictionary, reference book or a long novel will do. Look in your local Crown, B.Dalton, or WaldenBooks book store. Better yet, go to a store or shop that sells used books. Used books are a lot cheaper. (Keep the costs down!)

Hint: Say you are using a source from the country Spain. A Spanish-English Dictionary is perfect! Use your imagination.

- An Exacto knife or sharp razor knife. Hardware stores have them. Great to have around the house.

- Clear Saran Wrap or Cling wrap.

- Cotton balls (Cotton absorbs the sound of rattling pills and/or clinking ampoules better)

- Large padded mailing bags. (Jiffy bags) One large and another just a size smaller. The smaller mail bag must be big enough to hold the book.

- Set the deal up ahead of time and make sure the source is compensated with money to complete the shipping using this method.

1. Take the book and open it up around the beginning of the book. (not the 1st page) example: If it is a 500 page book, start at page 75 or somewhere. Using the sharp Exacto or razor knife, cut a square in the middle of the page. This is your hidden compartment. Cut it whatever size you wish. The bigger the square, the more it can hold. Cut it deep as you want. I recommend that you cut it deep enough so any contents can sit in there comfortably. Also try to keep the compartment more to the binding and away from the outer long edge. Less chance of anything tearing through and falling out. Don't cut all the way down to the back! Wal-la--your Hidden compartment is done!

2. You are sending this book to the source in the foreign country so.. Put your money in the hidden compartment, pack it with cotton or tissue. Pack it full. The source will not need the full amount of cotton to cushion the gear, so most will be thrown away. But this assures there

will be ample supply of cotton for packing and cushioning.

3. Using the CLEAR saran or cling wrap, wrap the book loosely. Be liberal with the wrap. Do not tape any edges down. Do not make it a pain for the source to open the book.

4. Insert the wrapped book, and the smaller of the two Jiffy bags in the largest jiffy bag. Address it per your sources instructions. Since it is only a book, make sure you put your return address on it. Staple or Tape it shut, buy sufficient postage and mail it. At the post office, they may ask you to state what the package contains, go ahead and claim it as a book.

(Remember!!! It is only a book as of right now. Being cautious comes later!!!)

NOTE: You should have already instructed your source on how the money is being delivered to him. You will mail him the following instructions along with the book on how to return the book to your with YOUR "gear" hidden inside.

5. Once your Source receives the book, instruct him to unwrap the book from its cellophane wrapper carefully and set the wrap aside. Replace the money owed to him with the gear owed to you in the hidden compartment. Using the cotton that you sent him, have him use it to cushion and protect the gear. Have the source shake the book hard to test for noises. WE DO NOT WANT RATTLING OR CLINKING!!! If you have ordered your gear in the form of pills or tablets, please keep in mind that hard pills in a plastic bottle makes a hell of a noise. Books are not supposed to rattle! So if you insist on receiving the pills in the original bottle, at least have the source open the bottle and pack it full of cotton to minimize the rattling.

6. When your source is satisfied that he/she has fully cushioned and protected the gear from breakage or making noise, and he/she can close the book up without creating a bulge on the cover then have them wrap the book up in the Saran/Cling wrap. Instruct them to wrap it very tight. Once they have it wrapped nice and tight, have them tape up all edges. Ask them to be very liberal with the tape. In other words, make it a pain in the ass to unwrap it! If it is a pain in the ass to get it out of the cling wrap for you, it will also be a pain in the ass for everyone else too!

7. The source can now put the wrapped book in the unused padded shipping bag you sent. Have them seal it by stapling and taping the opening. That is the only way that you should seal it. Act as if it is ONLY A BOOK! There is nothing to hide!!!! If a Customs official wants to look in the package, what will he see? A book that is wrapped in cellophane to protect the cover. There is no laws about shipping books to the U.S!! Now, have the source address it to your designated shipping address. Then, have the source use a return address of a local book store that is near him or any shop that would sell/ship books. Hell, a bogus name would do fine! Have the source make the addressing neat and as businesslike as possible. Maybe you or the source could create an address label with a bookstores return address using a computer and laser printer. Looks more convincing. Use your imagination.

8. Make sure that when you sent the money to your source, you covered the added expense of having your gear shipped in a big book. Have the source put sufficient amount of postage on the book and mail it off!

9. Have your source email you when he has mailed you your package. Once he does, just wait.

This is a very good method. It is not 100% guaranteed. But it will greatly increase your chances of getting your "gear" through U.S. Customs inspections. However keep in mind that this method does come with some risks. If the gear is discovered by U.S. Customs, it will be obvious that you are trying to smuggle illegal drugs by using disguising techniques. It will be harder to play he "innocent" victim. But I do have experience in this method, it worked great. A good friend has used this method to receive marijuana from Holland! Never was caught and I guarantee you that he did this over 30 times.

The key phrase I used in the above steps was to "use some imagination" Pretend that you are a customs official. What would you look for? What makes a package suspicious? I bet that some Customs officials have let packages go that fit the "suspect" description. But on other days, a certain official checked everything because he was in a bad mood. Maybe it was because he didn't get a blow job from his wife the night before. Maybe the dog took a shit in his slippers. I don't know.

But most of all, take some responsibility and say-so on the shipping methods that a foreign source uses. There was a source from Panama that would wrap a vial in just brown paper! It was obvious that it was a small bottle in the shape of a medicine vial! But it got through customs!!!!! Maybe the customs official got blown the night before...Huh?!

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.. Any advice given on this board is just an opinion and not to be taken as medical advice. WCBB doesn't advocate or condone use of steroids. Check the laws in your country. WCBB just provides the platform in which to discuss such matters
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