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Section V -- "Personal Page" : Bodybuilders experiences.

This is a section that contains personal insights and thoughts of your fellow bodybuilders, friends on the Message boards, etc. You may identify with some of the thoughts, stories, insights. This is an open forum for anyone to write in. If you have something that you would like to share that you think others may enjoy, or could learn from, please write in. All participation is welcome!

Part 1

"My First Cycle"

The purpose of this article is to relate my experiences during my first cycle. What is different about this article is that I am 49 years old, and the cycle is into its second week, so this story is just really beginning to unfold. I think most of the guys on the Discussion Boards are probably in their mid 20's to mid 30's (just my guess). A few 40-ish guys have been posting but I think so far I win the geezer prize. Anyway, info is scarce for the older guy, maybe this article can answer some questions, or even raise a few. I'm far from being a Guru and the choices I made are, of course, maybe not for everyone. I did lots of research, reading the relevant books, lurking on the discussion boards, and posting from time to time. The results 6 weeks from now will show whether the cycle is a success or not.

Why Steroids?

I have been weightlifting off and on since my early 30's. I started because I was a 190 lb. pile of lard. I had always had a suspicion that if I started lifting I would really like it, but it took until then for me to get off my ass and do it. Well naturally my hunch was right and I lost the lard and began to train more in a powerlifting style. I did this for a few years until a divorce and other distractions brought training to a halt.

Four years ago I began training again when a Bally's opened up right on the way home from work. No excuses now! My wife can do aerobics while I do my thing. Sounds great until I discover that the recuperative abilities ain't what they used to be. Lots of nagging injuries also began to conspire against me. In spite of this I ended up getting stronger than I had been 10 years earlier. Not enough to compete (which was never a goal), but certainly far surpassing my earlier gains.

I could have probably been happy with this but I was stuck a year long plateau. When my lifts would start to move, some muscle or another would pull, putting me back to square one. Well I can read a calender as well as the next guy, I'm not gonna get any younger. What to do? Well, I never bought the anti-steroid hysteria, even when I had no interest in taking them. Nor was I ever impressed by the sanctimonious crusade of the Drug Free athletes. I always felt you make your own choice. Do your homework and make up your own mind. Time was a-wastin', so I made up my own mind and began my homework.

My Cycle. I chose a really simple cycle:

Sustanon 250 Laurabolin 50

week 1-8 1 amp 300 cc's

Why? They both self taper, they complement each other, and the dosages are reasonable for a first cycle. I've read where guys make great gains using only one or the other. I honestly can't say whether there will be a Cycle #2 so I wanted to do this one up right.

For the post cycle party, I have Clomid that I will start taking 3 weeks after the last shot, and Clenbuterol, which I will begin right after the last shot, 2 days on, 2 days off. I'm not sure of the Clen dosage yet, but I'll do the Clomid 100 mgs. for 5 days then 50 mgs. for 5 more days. I also have some Nolvadex just in case. My diet is not real consistent so I'm supplementing with a half and half mixture of Soy (Mass Quantities) and Whey (Supplement Direct) Protein powder. I drink 6 of these per day, hopefully supplying 150 grams of extra protein. I also take a multi-vitamin (Super Spectrum).

So What's Happening?

The first shots were great fun! I loaded up a 3 cc syringe, picked the spot to stick it , put the needle on my skin, and just as I was ready to push it in, the lights go out! I'm standing in a pitch black bathroom, buck naked, my very first shot foiled by a power outage. To hell with that! I ran into the kitchen, grabbed a flashlight, and did my first shot in quite a cave-like atmosphere. Did it hurt? One very brief sting and that's it! There is plenty of advice out there for injecting, follow it and there should be no problems. I found that pushing 3 cc's of oil through a 22 ga. needle is pretty tough, but the next shot was another challenge. I got a 5 cc syringe and poured the Sustanon into it mixing with the Laurabolin, 4 cc's total. I'm pushing the volume envelope here, but I figured I'll get away with 2 shots instead of 3. The needle went in real easy, but I thought I would need my wife to hit the plunger with a hammer to get the steroid out of the syringe and into my butt. No more 4 cc shots for me! Anyway by nightfall (the shots were taken in the morning) I had a pretty painful glute where the Sustanon (and 3 cc's of Laurabolin) went in, but by Sunday morning most of the soreness was gone, both injection sites were mostly unnoticeable. I wiped the sites with alcohol before and after shooting, there was no bleeding or black and blue marks. I couldn't figure out how the hell I was supposed to pull back on the plunger to check for blood before I shot so I passed on that.

Week 1 - 8/30

My Tuesday workout was fairly mediocre. I wanted to Deadlift 300 for 3 sets of 5, but the previous Saturday I had a slight pull from Squats and only got 4 sets of 2 reps. I wasn't really feeling the juice working either. Thursday was a different story. The previous week I had Benched 225 for 2 real hard sets of 2 reps. I usually did a little better than this. My right shoulder has been hurting for 6 months or so putting the brakes on any weight increases. This week, 225 went for 2 sets of 5, plus another set of 4. Most of the shoulder pain was gone. If I hadn't felt a twinge and racked the weight I would have gotten the last rep. Needless to say, I feel the juice working now.

Week 2 - 9/6

The scale says I am up 5-6 lbs. (Last Saturday I weighed 180). This seems reasonable. Time for the next round of shots, 2 in the left glute, 1 in the right. No more 4 cc's for me! I got a little sloppy with the first Sus shot (I switched to a 22 ga. needle) instead of using the 20 ga. that comes with the Sus. When I was extracting it from my butt it came out at a slight angle (real smart) and made a small cut close to the surface of the skin. The bleeding stopped quickly, however. You have to pay attention! Those pins are sharp! The 3 cc Laurabolin shots were uneventful.

This week I'm starting to notice my skin get a bit oily. Also, on a more serious note, I think my libido is decreasing instead of increasing. This will need watching, although I think with a little more effort, we can get things back in working order. Otherwise, no other side effects although I know it is still early in the cycle yet. Lots of time for the other stuff to pop up. I'll be keeping a close eye on things. So far I have nothing but positives to say. My strength is up, I have a real energy lift, and I really feel great (must be the feeling of "well-being" that is mentioned in the literature).

Part 2 is coming next issue. Hope this wasn't too long and/or too boring. Any comments are welcome. Send 'em to Thanks to those guys on the Anabolix and Elite Fitness Boards who offered their advice and encouragement. You know who you are. Thanks Tazz for this opportunity.

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.. Any advice given on this board is just an opinion and not to be taken as medical advice. WCBB doesn't advocate or condone use of steroids. Check the laws in your country. WCBB just provides the platform in which to discuss such matters
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