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Hulksterís E-mail Newsletter, Nov 1997, Issue 7

November 1997, Issue 7

Editor/Trainer: Gary "Hulkster" Becker

Hulkster's Newsletters (The Hulksterís Newsletter Home Page) (To Contact The Hulksterís Newsletter) (To Contact Hulkster) (One on One Consultation with Hulkster)

***One that walks into a gym with knowledge walks out with accomplished goals***


EDITORIAL NOTE: I would like to thank everyone for his or her support during my time off. Iíve been very busy preparing for my wedding, which was suppose to be in November, but we had to push it back due to every hotel being booked for holiday celebrations, the Wedding date is now January 3rd, and this is firmed up. Photos of the celebration will be available for viewing on Elitefitness after the wedding. After the wedding Iíll be working on a Workout Video, so if thereís a specific subject/technique you would like me to address, please feel free to contact me. My goal is that the readers of this newsletter be the most informed athletes in the world!!! Your goals are my goals!!!

***Section 1 - Workout Routines/Fitness Articles/News Updates***

Two articles are featured!!! By BigCanuk and Nucleate

A) WINTER PACKAGE - Written by BigCanuk

Well, here it is again. Summer is ending and the cold season approaches. It has been a very good summer for me. I had the opportunity to get together with Juice Monkey and Mighty Mic. We did all the typical things that three dudes with attitudes would try to get away with. All I can say was that it was a great time. Anything else I say might tend to be incriminating. (Just kidding.) I really appreciated being able to get together with some great guys that know their craft and have that common bond we all share; wanting to look and be our best. I hope many more opportunities present themselves for me to get to know a lot more of the "elite crew" (that happens to be anyone reading this) on a firsthand basis and not just through articles or computer monitors! There's

something really special about meeting someone in person after spending a lot of time getting to know them via e-mail or even phone. I look forward to a lot more of it in the near future.

Anyways, as many of my big friends say, summer is for looking cut and sharp while winter is the time to pack on some extra bulk. Now that doesn't mean to go out and eat mass quantities of deep fried food. It's still important to put on whatever size you can in the most effective aesthetically pleasing way possible. Yes, wearing those extra clothes in the colder weather hides lots but eventually the rubber hits the road and that extra fat will have to come off to make way for going to the beach. If you happen to be like me, that occurs in the middle of winter as well so I can't afford to let myself slide very much.

Fact: Lean muscle tissue weighs three times more than fat yet has only one-fifth the volume! That is why looking ripped and cut and huge is so difficult. Fortunately, there are some short cuts for us guys who want those good calories but have a hard time eating and consuming so much to grow or even maintain what we have worked so hard for.

The colder season is the time to eat those eggs without throwing away the yolk. The white contains 3 grams of protein and the yolk contains 3 grams of protein plus 3 grams of fat. Not bad deal really. It's also the time to perhaps go to a more heavy milk. Instead of the skim, go to 2% or homogenized or even raw, whole milk if you can get it. The same can be said of cottage cheese and yogurt. Drop the light brands and go for the heavier choices.

A favorite trick of mine is to use a lot of good fat. I happen to use a cold pressed safflower oil. It's very similar to flaxseed oil but it costs less. At 110 calories per tablespoon, it doesn't take much to get some good size from it. Start off slow. Perhaps one tablespoon in the morning and one at night. If no ill effects are noticed, you can slowly work your way up to two tablespoons in the morning, two tablespoons at midday and another two tablespoons in the evening. You can get almost 1,000 calories from that alone in a day! Remember that this works great for me and a lot of other guys but it may not work great for you. Try it and see. Nothing is carved in stone. Individuality is a very unique thing.

This is where it's important to know your body and be in tune with what it likes and dislikes. Some guys can't drink milk at all. Lactose intolerance. If your body is struggling with digesting something, stay away from it. An interesting thing occurred to me about six months ago. I used to eat raw oats with cold milk and some brown sugar for years. All of a sudden, some serious stomach pains started happening. I went through a process of elimination for the next few days trying to determine what was going on. I was shocked to learn the pain didn't occur when I avoided oats for the day. I haven't touched oats since. The amazing thing was how my body was fine with oats for so long but then started to reject that source of food. I was lucky to have been in touch with my body enough to discover and eliminate the problem very quickly. We all have to stay "in tune" to what our bodies are telling us. What works for a long time, can change just like that. We need to stay alert to what we need to know about ourselves! You are your own best teacher and student!

I want to leave you with one more thing. A good shake to boost those gains another notch. I've been using this one for awhile and it's good. During a bulking time, add to your regular protein shakes a scoop of milk power, a scoop of whey powder, a scoop of maltodextrin (I buy mine at a local beer and winemaking store real cheap), a banana and lastly, a good quantity of flax seed oil. If you're into interesting flavors, add a handful of frozen strawberries or blueberries. (If you're a real hard gainer, add a shot of ice cream.) This creation has all the quality ingredients to get you looking big and feeling strong in short order. Make sure you have a good blender and enjoy!

P.S. I have available any size needles/syringes for sale. Also, Nizoral shampoo, which blocks the effect of androgens on your scalp thereby, prevents hair loss/baldness during a cycle. Don't juice without it. Feel free to contact me for ordering details at:



Written by Nucleate

Weightlifting has been around for a long time. Even Ben Franklin use to workout with a dumbbell everyday. Since Benís day, a lot of changes have taken place in weightlifting. It has basically involved into three main fields. They are bodybuilding, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting. A lifter in each field has a different goal than a lifter in another field. I plan to write a series of articles focusing on bodybuilding. I will discuss how to set a bodybuilding goal for yourself and how, through hard work and discipline, your goal can be accomplished.

Before I go any further, I want to get a few things out of the way. First off, the articles in this series are an expression of my opinion based on the research and anecdotal information I have come across. I am not a bodybuilding guru, a professional, or a doctor. I do, however, have pretty strong opinions about the aspects of bodybuilding. All I ask is that you read what I have to say with an open mind. If you feel that I am wrong and that I am presenting false information, then e-mail me at and I will read what you have to say with an open mind. If you have a valid point and prove that I am just full of shit, then I have no problems admitting my mistake and will correct it in the next article. Now that thatís out of the way, lets get started.

Many people today start bodybuilding for many different reasons. Some for health, others for cosmetic appearances, and some start to compete. Regardless of why you started, you need to establish a goal for yourself. It doesnít matter what your goal is. You may want to be able to bench press your bodyweight for ten reps, or get 18-inch arms. Your goal should reflect the reason you started lifting and should be something you actually want to attain, and are willing to work for. Many people look in magazines and see pictures of guys with great physiques, and comment about how they would like to look like that; but do nothing to obtain that goal. If you are one of those people then either shape up (no pun intended) or get out. If you donít want to work hard, then you are in the wrong sport.

When you are setting your goal, make it specific. Donít say, "Gee. I want to be bigger and stronger." Say, "I want to gain 20 lbs. of muscle and add 100 lbs. to my lifts." This will be your long-term goal. Your long-term goal should be what you really want for you. It doesnít matter what condition you are in now, set your long-term goal to be what you are trying to achieve through the iron game. If you are 160 lbs. with 17% Bodyfat, and want to be 180 lbs. with 7% Bodyfat, then make that your long-term goal. Donít be afraid to make your long term goal a really big one. There are guys that are 120 lbs. that want to weigh 240 with 4% Bodyfat and win the Mr. Olympia. If thatís what you want, then set your goal for that. Always remember that if you aim for the moon and fall short, you still reached the stars.

Now that you have your long-term goal, you need to establish short-term goals. The short-term goals are stepping blocks to your long-term goal. In W.W.II, the USís long-term goal was to invade Japan. Their short-term goals were to capture the various islands that had fallen to Japanese aggression, with each island bringing them closer to Japan. They took archipelago after archipelago, known as island hopping, and eventually reached their goal (Well, sort of. We didnít invade Japan, but that is a different article).

These short-term goals act as mile markers and help you judge how your progress is going. For example, lets say you can squat 150 lbs. for ten reps. Your long-term goal is to squat 315 lbs. for 10 reps. "O.K.," you say, "I feel that I can reach my long-term goal in a year." So you have established a short-term goal to increase your squat for ten reps by 15 lbs. in one month. After one month passes, see if you have obtained your short-term goal. From there, establish another short-term goal to take you even closer to your long-term goal. DO NOT FREAK OUT IF YOU DIDNíT REACH YOUR SHORT-TERM GOAL! ITíS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. If you didnít reach your short-term goal, then step back and try to figure out why you didnít reach it. Was your short-term goal unrealistic? Face it, unless you have the same pharmacist as some Pro Bodybuilders, you are not going to have an 80 lb. increase for ten reps in your squat in one monthís time. Look at external and internal factors. Did you train properly (more on this in the next article)? Did you eat properly? Did you get drunk off your ass almost every night and only sleep about three hours a night? Where you sick the day you attempted your short-term goal? Did you break up with your girl/boyfriend (Hey, itís the 90ís)? There are a lot of factors that can go into reaching your goal. So if you didnít reach your first short-term goal, try to find out why and fix the problem. Bodybuilding is a game of trial and error. You have to find what works for you. While you are trying to find what works for you, keep one thing in mind-DONíT CHANGE YOUR LONG-TERM GOAL! Itís no help to you if you change your long-term goal constantly. Keep it the same, so you know what the hell you are striving for.

Keep your short-term goals short, but long enough to allow progress. In bodybuilding, 4 weeks is a pretty good time frame for a short-term goal. Donít fret over the time frame issue, though. In my example, the guy gave himself a year to accomplish his long-term goal. So what if it took him a year and a half. He still accomplished his goal. As long as you are making progress towards your goal, you are doing great. Now, with that in mind, sit down and really think about what you want to get out of bodybuilding and search your heart of hearts to find out if you really want it enough to put in the work to accomplish the goal. If you are willing to bust your ass, you can obtain your goal, whether it is in bodybuilding or life. I promise you that. Next time, I will talk about training and nutrition.
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