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Part VI --Supplies

Part 2 Harpoons

Or darts, pins, jabs, sticks, ect. are common terminology for the ever demanded syringe! With most of the modern day steroids being in the injectable form, the need of these little instruments of pain is increasing. But how do we get them? This item seems to escape most of us as we dwell on finding steroids. Without these, your steroids are useless -- the same as a cigarette without a light!

I have several sources which will sell you pins. Some for what they cost, in hopes you will purchase gear from them. Others for a small profit. These are fine avenues for getting the little devils, but what if the source stops selling them, get busted, dies (heaven forbid) ect. You are shit out of luck. Well there are some states that will sell to you no problem. Others no way!!! Some only certain types (none of which you can use ). Call a local pharmacy and ask what the laws are pertaining to the purchase of syringes and needles. Here are some ideas and facts to help you out on your quest.

First here are the guys e-mails for quick easy gets!

************ at cost, other products available

************ 1.00 each any size, he has a list to send you.

************ can put you in touch with those who can get them.

Ask around the Underground, chances are that someone out there can help you out.

Now the fun part getting them yourself.!!

To assist in the prevention of HIV & Hepatitis C, the laws relating to the possession of

needles & syringes have been changed so that it is no longer an offense to have new, unused needles & syringes in your possession. Connecticut changed its paraphernalia and prescription laws in 1992 to allow for possession and sale of up to ten syringes All but five U.S. states have drug paraphernalia laws that criminalize the possession or distribution of syringes except for "legitimate medical purposes." Nine states and Washington, DC prohibit the purchase of syringes without a prescription. These laws – in states like New York, California, and Illinois which have large IDU (Intravenous Drug Users) and HIV/AIDS populations – affect the vast majority of IDUs. Some state and municipal authorities have granted limited exemptions to these laws to deal with the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
O.K., now that's out of the way, here are some ideas on how to purchase syringes. The first idea came from one of our board members.
When ordering syringes, this is what you want. You are to order: 3cc syringes, with 1-1/2 inch 22 or 23 gauge needles for intramuscular injections. Order the syringes and pins by phone first. Be polite and professional. Do not offer any explanation of use, unless asked for one. Ask when you can pick them up.

Don't go up to the counter of the pharmacy looking like a bodybuilder. If you go up to the counter wearing a Gorilla Wear tee, and some Perfetto pants, you will get turned down. Try to conceal your physique if you can. If you can't, have a trusted friend, wife, girlfriend go and pick them up. Some pharmacies are trained to look for signs of drug users. That includes bodybuilders. If you were a pharmacist and a big muscular guy comes up looking for syringes and needles, what would you think?

Look everybody, just go to your Local Farm supply house, They sell tractor supplies and so on. Don't go to a feed store.

I buy antibiotics and such from those places all the time. They sell Syringes that are for multiple use. you can buy the needles to screw onto them. The syringes are good for a lifetime and they only cost about 30 bucks. They sell regular syringes for pig vaccines, horses, cattle, and so on; check them out! The needles only run about $1.50 for 5 of them. However the packaging does not look like it has sanitary conditions, so I suggest soaking them in some Clorox for about 5 minutes before use. Rinse them out good, and your ready to go. (not me; I would fear Clorox would get in my blood) Be Careful!!!!

Some other ideas are to act like you know what your doing, and know exactly what you want. Then they would suspect you have gotten them before. Tell them it is for Vitamin B12 shots.

Tell them your in Film school and you need them for a hospital scene your doing. Act like you don't know anything about them but you know about the size you need.

Find a younger pharmacist and tell him you need them to inject vodka in a melon for a party your throwing.

Tell them you own a race horse. Call the pharmacist and tell them that you need syringes and needles for hormonal therapy for your horse. If they want details, tell them the horse has been castrated, and needs hormone injections. The subject of castrated animals will not entice too many questions from the pharmacist.

When you order, your best bet is to buy the whole box. If you ask for just a few, many Pharmacies will not break open a box and sell individually. Buy the whole box of 100. It shouldn't cost more than $20.00.

(IF YOU HAVE BIG BALLS) Tell them you do heroin and you are afraid of catching aids by sharing needles and you want clean ones!

Go to an animal doctor and tell him you are opening a pet grooming shop and you would like to get some syringes for practicing. You see some times pet groomers have to sedate a animal to cut their hair.

Hell, go to Eckards and tell them that your a groomer and you need them for that purpose.


I personally have taken disposable syringes and soaked them in rubbing alcohol and used them over and over with no adverse side effects. However after continued reuse, the needles will lose their sharpness. I do recommend using fresh clean syringes when at all possible.

Hope this has helped some!

Live in Fear or Join the Hunt!

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.. Any advice given on this board is just an opinion and not to be taken as medical advice. WCBB doesn't advocate or condone use of steroids. Check the laws in your country. WCBB just provides the platform in which to discuss such matters
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