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Section IV -- "Personal Page" : Bodybuilders Tips.

This is a section that contains personal insights and thoughts of your fellow bodybuilders, friends on the Message boards, etc. You may identify with some of the thoughts, stories, insights. This is an open forum for anyone to write in. If you have something that you would like to share that you think others may enjoy, or could learn from, please write in. All participation is welcome!

Part 1

Ready to show? What are you going to do with that body hair?

You have busted your ass, and your first show is coming up. Maybe you’re a veteran and you too are ready for an upcoming show. One of the last steps to complete your package is to remove the body hair so the judges can see all your hard work. Maybe your a recreational bodybuilder and want to remove the hair on certain body parts so all the chicks can dig your 6-pack or your wide back.

Now as men, we are all familiar with shaving our faces. Some of us use the disposable razors, some use the electric razors others use the razors with the disposable heads. But if you are like me, you hate to shave and the thought of shaving your chest, and stomach doesn’t thrill you. But don’t despair, for here are some pleasant alternatives.


A Completely Natural, water-soluble hair removal product that looks like green toffee and can be used anywhere on the body. You just smooth on the gel and remove it with linen strips.


Unlike other waxes and gels, Nad's does not need to be heated. That means less sensitivity and less discomfort to your skin. You just smooth on the gel and remove it with linen strips.


"Because Nad's gel is made of all natural ingredients it's perfectly safe for use around the eye area and anywhere else on the body. There is no mess with Nad's because it is water soluble so clean-up is easy. You are guaranteed to get great results every time with Nad's."

Frequently asked Questions:

1. How long does the hair have to be to use Nad's?

Hair length needs to be 1/8" to 1/4" inch long.

2. How often do I need to use Nad's?

Between 3-6 weeks, it depends on the individual and what area of the body.

3. Will the hair come back thicker?

No, when you use Nad's, the hair is extracted, including the roots so re-growth is softer, finer and slower.

4. Does it hurt?

If you have been shaving, your hair is coarse and you may experience a sting, depending how sensitive your skin is. with each Nad's treatment, your hair becomes softer and you will feel less discomfort.

5. Will it irritate my skin?

Because of the natural substances in Nad's, there is little chance of irritations. Redness for a short time is normal, depending on how sensitive your skin is. Normally, redness disappears within half an hour. If any itchiness occurs, cold water or ice will relieve it quickly. Nad's smoothing Lotion works against redness and irritation.

6. What is the difference between Nad's and other hair removal products?

Nad's is organic, no chemicals, no heating and no animal testing.

7. What are the ingredients in Nad's?

Honey, molasses, fructose, vinegar, lemon juice, water, alcohol and food dye.

8. How long will Nad's last with use?

Depending on the individual, Nad's will last for most people 8 months to 1 year.

9. What is the shelf life of Nad's?

Nad's shelf life is 2 years.

UHA Sport

If you are a Muscle and Fitness reader, you have probably seen the ads for this product within its pages. Here is some information that you can use to make your decision on whether or not to use this product.

UHA Sport: Hair Growth Inhibitor can do all this and more!

The first real Hair Growth Inhibitor, UHA Sport is designed to absorb quickly into the skin, and will not resurface or clog pores, no matter how much you sweat!! Perfect for Athletes!

UHA Sport is an all-natural product! Made with a patented combination of select plant enzymes preserved in their natural organic state, UHA Sport allows you to harness the cause of baldness. With UHA Sport , you can now become hair-free wherever you want!

UHA Sport is perfect for bodybuilders, cyclists, swimmers, and other athletes who want to eliminate unwanted body or facial hair. It works equally well for both men and women!

UHA Sport is available in two equally powerful formulas: the 2 oz cream and the 4 oz spray. The spray is easy to use on large areas like your chest and legs, or hard to reach areas like your back. The cream is excellent for areas requiring precise application, such as bikini lines, eyebrows or around a moustache. These formulas may be used in combination to suit your individual needs.

UHA Sport is your natural defense against hair growth. UHA Sport is the ultimate product that really inhibits hair growth when used with any hair removal method. Safe to use wherever you want, for as long as you want.

Formulated with an exact blending of plant enzymes, UHA Sport's performance has been clinically tested and proven safe. UHA Sport is easy and convenient to use and works only on the areas applied. You can have smooth, soft, HAIR-FREE skin now!!

UHA Sport stands alone in performance. UHA Sport is a HAIR GROWTH INHIBITOR that slows hair growth to nearly nothing - thus saving time and money from expensive hair removal procedures. You will start to see results in 3 to 4 weeks.

HOW UHA Sport works:

Preserved natural plant enzymes are the active ingredient in UHA Sport. This one-of-a-kind patent pending formula literally delivers the message of "don't grow" to the hair follicle, inhibiting hair growth at the root. (Note: NOTHING will kill the hair follicle to permanently stop hair growth!)

From the first application, UHA Sport starts working. Any new hair growth is finer and thinner, making subsequent hair removal much easier. Clinical studies have proven that UHA Sport is safe and effective to use, even on the most sensitive skin. Results will vary depending on the individual and the hair removal method used. UHA Sport works best with a system that removes hair from the root as with waxing, sugaring or tweezing. Most people will see convincing results in 3 to 6 weeks.

How to use UHA Sport:

To obtain the desired results, use UHA Sport as directed immediately after hair removal. Apply to clean, dry skin. Do not rinse off. Allow a couple minutes for UHA Sport to be absorbed into the skin, then follow with any other product in your daily routine. UHA Sport will not interfere with other moisturizers, cosmetics or fragrances.

For better penetration into the hair follicle, exfoliate the skin first. Use twice daily for the first week. From the second week until hair growth is stopped, use once a day. When your optimum results are achieved, use once or twice a week for maintenance.

When used as directed, UHA Sportshould produce results in 3 to 6 weeks. Results may vary. Faster results are achieved when hair is removed from the root. UHA Sport does work in conjunction with shaving, but results will take longer since the hair is not removed from the root. UHA Sport can be used on any area of unwanted hair growth for men and women.

Some Suggested Application Areas: arms, legs, chest, back, neck, underarms, legs, bikini line,

upper lip, eyebrows, feet and toes, any facial area


UHA Sport is available in two forms: a 4oz spray mist and a 2oz cream. Both work the same way, the only difference is ease of application. The 4oz spray is more convenient for large areas (chest, back, arms, legs). The 2oz cream is easier to use on smaller areas (face, bikini line, underarms). Try a bottle of each to find the best combination for you.

One bottle of UHA Sport will last between 3 and 6 weeks depending on area and frequency of usage.

Helpful hints:

UHA Sport enters the hair follicle more easily when the hair is first removed from the root as with waxing, sugaring or tweezing. With shaving or depilatory creams, the hair is left in the follicle and UHA Sport will work, but it will take longer to see results.

Use UHA Sport as directed and you will see results! UHA Sport is not a depilatory cream, which simply dissolves surface hair. UHA Sport inhibits hair growth where it starts - at the root. This process takes 3 to 6 weeks to see noticeable results. Be patient, use the product as directed and

you will see results!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take before I see results?

Depending upon the area of the body and the primary method of hair removal used, you should begin to see results within 3 to 4 weeks.

Does it matter which hair removal procedure I use to get the best results with UHA Sport?

Yes. We highly recommend that you remove the hair from the roots, as with waxing, sugaring, tweezing, or electrolysis.

Is UHA Sport a depilatory?

No. When used with customary hair removal methods it will inhibit hair growth, eventually phasing out the need for hair removal procedures.

How long will a bottle of UHA Sport last?

This depends on two variables:

1 - The size of the areas on which you are using UHA Sport, and

2 - What phase of the UHA Sport application process you are currently in. Generally, one bottle will last approximately one month.

What are the phases of UHA Sport application?

First Phase: For the first week of use, you apply UHA Sport twice daily.

Second Phase: After the first week, apply UHA Sport once a day until desired results are achieved.

Third Phase: You maintain the desired hair-free condition by continuing to use UHA Sport at least twice a week. The number of applications required per week will vary with each individual.

Is UHA Sport a natural product?

Virtually all ingredients in UHA Sport are natural. The active ingredients are derived from plant enzymes, and are known as Phyto-Enzymatic-Proteins (P-E-P).

How does UHA Sport work?

As with male pattern baldness, UHA Sport inhibits hair growth. In effect, UHA Sport mimics our natural hair inhibitor system.

Will UHA Sport produce permanent results?

No. Used according to directions, UHA Sport puts the hair-free condition under your control. To regrow hair in any area, simply stop using the product in that area. The hair will return to its normal state of growth in approximately the same time it took to stop hair growth in that area.

Is UHA Sport site specific?

Yes. UHA Sport works only where applied. It will not affect areas where it is not applied regularly.

How long does it take for UHA Sport to absorb into the skin?

UHA Sport permeates the skin quickly and evenly without residue.

If I perspire, will the product resurface or will it clog my pores?


Can I use UHA Sport with my other cosmetics, beauty or skin products?

Yes. Apply UHA Sport and rub into the skin before applying other products to the same skin area. UHA Sport will not interfere with perfumes, aftershaves, skin cremes, etc.

Will UHA Sport cause skin or eye irritation?

When used as directed, UHA Sport should cause no skin irritation, even on delicate surfaces. Eye irritation is also unlikely. If UHA Sport enters the eyes, gently flush them with warm water.

Does UHA Sport moisturize the skin?

Both the spray mist and the creme lotion have a conditioning effect, protecting the skin from dryness. Even people with a history of acne have reported loving both of these formulas.

Does UHA Sport eliminate razor burn or ingrown hairs?

Although we cannot claim that UHA Sport stops razor burn or ingrown hairs, we have received customer input that it has relieved these kinds of problems.

If you are interested in this product you can go to their website:

ULTRA HAIR AWAY from Victoria Bodyworks


If your answer is yes, we have only one thing to say to you...


That's right! Mankind's oldest cosmetic problem; unwanted bodyhair - has been solved! The answer is ULTRA HAIR AWAY. Until now, the only permanent hair removal method was electrolysis. However, Studies Show That 20% of Electrolyzed Follicles Produce Hair Regrowth!

When you also consider the expense, time and pain, plus the fact that dormant hairs can grow at any time, it's no wonder people are disappointed with electrolysis. Conventional hair removal products are even more futile. They dissolve only the hair above the skin. Any cosmetic improvement is temporary - your hair grows back again! What good is that?

ULTRA HAIR AWAY Is Entirely Different. The Results Are Real - And Lasting!


At first, ULTRA HAIR AWAY changes the structure of your hair follicle. Thick coarse hair becomes softer, smaller and finer. It will resemble hair you had as a baby. Soon after - PRESTO! No more hair! You will never be self-conscious again!

With all the talk about curing baldness, researchers seem to have forgotten the opposite problem - too much body hair. Victoria Body Works is addressing the hairy situation with Ultra Hair Away, a product thats so successful at getting rid of unwanted body hair, people are calling it baldness in a bottle. It's a clear, odorless topical solution that, when applied immediately after hair removal, saturates the exposed base of the hair follicle and begins the process of slowing down hair growth.

Not only does Ultra Hair Away also slow the growth of hair, but over time it will also change the original dark thick, coarse unwanted hair to softer, smaller, finer, lighter hair which will eventually resemble the hair you once had as a baby. It's completely natural and works by mimicking the process that causes baldness. What's more, there are no side effects - except for slowed growth with softer skin. It works equally well on women and men and slows hair growth on legs, arms, face, upper lip, back shoulders, abdomen, underarms and bikini lines. Many women who used to wax their legs every six weeks are now waxing every four to six months. Some men who used to shave once a day are now just shaving

once or twice a week. The three main factors that determine how quickly the product works for you are

1)How coarsely haired or hirsute you are to begin with,

2)The method of hair removal, and

3)The condition of your skin. Expect one bottle to last one month to several months, depending on the size and number of bodyparts to which it is being applied.


In a growing hair follicle, cells are osmotically transferred from the blood through the sides of the dermal papilla to form hair cells for continued hair growth.

The top of a healthy papilla is naturally cornified (healed) and cells do not pass thorough this area. This natural cornification on the top of the papillary matrix is what causes the hollow medullary canal inside a normal hair shaft.

Ultra Hair Away is a high-tech duplication of a variety of naturally occuring scalp secretions that cause this normal cornification of the top of the papilla in a healthy hair follicle. When the hair is removed, the sides of the papilla are exposed and susceptible to the treatment.

The Ultra Hair Away treatment simply cornifies the sides of the papilla disallowing cells to pass through the dermal papilla causing slower, and eventually, stopped hair growth.

Male pattern baldness is caused by renegade type apocrine glands which develop and connect to the duct of the sebaceous gland and introduce naturally occuring secretions into the hair follicle. The opening of hair follicles at the skins surface is often blocked by shampoo, conditioner, gels, hair spray, sweat, oils, sebum, etc.

This blockage disallows these natural secretions to escape. These acidic secretions, having no place to go, seep their way to the base of the hair follicle and slowly cornify the sides of the papilla preventing penetration of hair cells. Ultra Hair Away can duplicate the cause of baldness on the desired area.

Ultra Hair Away is to be sprayed onto the site of your choice and massaged in. Apply twice a day for the first week, the decrease to once a day for a minimum of 2 weeks. For optimal results continue at once a day until you achieved the desired effect. If your prefer to shave to control unwanted body hair, simply apply twice a day for one week and then once a day thereafer until the desired results are acquired. Shave as necessary.


Ultra Hair Away is a clear, topical solution prepared by a special curing process which concentrates the biologically active componentsof select plant enzymes, while preserving their natural organic state;

specifically formulated as a hair retardant for unwanted body hair


Excellent dispersibility


Low aroma profile

Insensitive to temperature changes

No coloring agents

Site specific

Skin moisturizing

Non-perfumed formula

Fast drying



Water, Extractable Fruit Derivatives, Polypropylene Glycol, Glycerol, Disaccharides, Urea, Dithiothreitol, EDTA, Methyl Paraben, Propylparaben


Ultra Hair Away is to be sprayed directly on areas of unwanted body hair. Ultra Hair Away works equally well in both men and women on the following sites:








Upper Lip


Bikini Line

Under Arms


Hair Retardant Product - Ultra Hair Away


Skin Sensitization Study Negative

Acute Oral Toxicity Study None

Dermal Irritation/Corrosion Test Non-Irritant

Determination of Mutagenicity Non-Mutagenic


How long one bottle of Ultra Hair Away lasts depending on site used.

Small Area: Face/Upper Lip 7 to 8 weeks

Medium Area: Either Back or both legs or Chest 3 weeks

Large Area: Entire Body 1 week

For maximum results; apply Ultra Hair Away immediately after hair removal method of choice. A better result will be achieved with waxing rather than shaving.

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