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Questions and Answers

“Recently, three of our members went on a trip to Mexico!!! So, here's a follow-up of last month's description of Smitty's trip, an article on Matamoras, price list from Dr. Vet's trip, finally an article on shipping packages home!!! Since, I receive a lot of e-mail concerning the availability/what types/prices/etc... of steroids from Mexico, I felt it was important to take another look at this country!!!"

A) “Tijuana Trip" (PART 2) - Written by Smitty

I just wanted to send you a follow-up to my Mexican trip for the readers.
Now, that I've crossed the border successfully three times, I thought I would
pass on a few things I've learned which might help a few people. Please
note, these tips are for “Tijuana".

1. Before you go, get a World Anabolic Review or similar reference book.
Pick which steroid(s) you want before you go and Xerox the articles and
pictures pertaining to them.

2. Take the Xerox copies and athletic tape. Wear baggy pants and the
longest athletic socks you can find. I always wear khakis and a button down
shirt. I wore a sports coat one time and it worked well.

3. Go to a vet supply store. The prices are cheap (i.e. 50ml Reforvit-B
$25.00) and the products were all legit. Ask your taxi driver, if he knows
where one is, before you get in the cab. Also, have the taxi wait for you
while your there, because these stores are off the main strip and there
aren't many cabs.

4. The pharmacies do sell fakes. Don't allow yourself to think they don't.
You have to depend on your Xeroxed research to confirm, what your buying is
real. Only buy what you have researched. If you impulse buy, you are
susceptible to fakes. The pharmacist will say anything (yes, lie) to pass
off the fakes.

5. Make sure the products you buy at the pharmacy are on display on a shelf.
If the pharmacist has to go in the back or pulls out the steroids from a box
under the counter, beware! They hide the counterfeits until they see a
tourist come in to sell them to.

6. After the purchase, go to a restroom and tape the unboxed vials/amps to
your lower leg. Put the vials inside your knee-high athletic socks and tape
around the outside of the socks. The socks help smooth out the bulges and
give extra insurance nothing falls out. You can also put a small amount of
them in your underwear. I don't put anything in my pockets as it is pretty
obvious looking. You must conceal the goods on your body because there is a
x-ray machine for all packages. Make sure you can walk normally after your

7. Buy something else to carry over the border so you'll look like a
tourist. It also gives you something to do with your hands while your in
line at the border.

8. You might want to have a drink before crossing to calm yourself. I've
never had a problem at the border. If you are obviously an American, they
don't look at you twice. However, I always have my driver's license ready in
case they ask me if I'm an American. You certainly don't want to have to
stand there digging through your pockets looking for ID if asked. Be
relaxed and friendly when speaking to the guards, after all you're happy to
be on vacation!
Good Luck!!!

B) “Juice is loose, Across the border!!!" - Written by B3grow

Every article written about "juice" in Mexico is written about Tijuana. Yes, I
understand it has quite a reputation for it, but it is useless for us on the
East coast and Midwest. So I decided to shed the mold and write about a border
town a little closer to home: MATAMORAS.

For those of you unaware this place is located on the southernmost tip
of Texas. South Padre Island is also located here so many go down to party during
spring break, and what the hell pick up some goods. So as we drove into
Brownsville, Texas we parked the van within walking distance to the border
checkpoint. For those of you who have never been to Matamoras, the drive like a
bunch of drunks(and American insurance is not valid)so parking the van was a must. When we got across we got a cab to the market. This is where all the action is, farmacia after farmacia. After slamming a few corona's it was time to shop. While standing there deciding where to go, a cabby comes up out of the blue
say's, "Hey man, you looking for anabolics", "yes" we exclaim. I thought to
myself does this guy ask all the guy's down here that? I then figured out that
even though I am not Arnold by any means, I am a good size individual(6'3" 216)
He then hands me a brochure for Laurabolin with a greyhound dog on the
front, “farmacia or Vet" I tell him we will be back in an hour to go to the vet he then directs us to a good farmacia. As we walk in the door no words are spoken one man goes in back with an assortment of goodies from sostenon preloads, to sten , and clen.

One say's "anabolics, Yes" we just nod in excitement. We got him down to $7 a preload of sostenon and $3 a box of 20 clenbuterol tabs(Spiropent as it's called).My
buddy will call him "jester" started the negotiations we finally left with 20
sostenon preloads and 20 boxes of clen. On to the next farmacia this one was a
different experience. It was a big farmacia and the people behind the counter
looked at me like I was like the Anti-Christ. "Anabolic" I said "no" he said
almost nervously. We got the hell out of there on to the next one. Right when I
walked in some college guys were yelling at the owner about the price of
some Testoprim-d ampoules

The kid didn't know what he wanted he just wanted test and he wanted it cheap.
Jester stepped up and the dude behind the counter said they sold out of Sostenon
come back manana. The kid turned to jester and asked him, “This stuff any good",
Jester said ask him he is the Guru not me. The kid hands me an ampoule of fake
Testoprim-d it was a terrible copy, I then said, " I wouldn't buy shit from
here" the kid just looked at me like I wanted him not to buy so I could or
something. Jackass, go inject some sesame seed oil (or worse) up your ass, I mean I am helping you out here I thought. I will continue with part two of the story including: more farmacia experiences, vet, and the crossing in next months issue, Man do I love MEXICO,, I am happy to be a new writer for Hulkster and his team in the future, I will be writing what I think are informative and entertaining. I will write about things that will help you achieve your performance enhancement goals.
-b3grow(a new breed of guru)-

C) “Prices on Mexican Products" - Written by Dr. Vet, copied from
Elitefitness Board

I visited about five towns. Some were resorts and some not. I just took averages prices.
Here's the list:

Primotest Amps $10 or 70 pecos
primodepot $20 or 135 pecos
primo tabs 5mg $15 box or 105 pecos
Deca preloads 2 to a box $35 or 240 pecos
Proviron $12 or 82 pecos
Sten $8 or 52 pecos
Stenox tabs $8 or 52 pecos
Sostenon preloads $12 or 82 pecos
Clen between 27-45 pecos
Maxigan $118
Retin A .05% $8
Reforvit $36
Test200 $23
B12 injectable $10
Maxibol $3
Norandren $55
Deposterona $15 this is no longer being made but, still on some shelves
Ventapullmin 500gms $80
GH by Saizen 1700 pecos or $217 for 10IU
GH by Lilly 650 pecos or $93 for 4IU
HCG all of it was around $10
Nolvadex $25

Some notes:

Sten, deca, sost requires a prescript. I'm sure you can flash cash or the doc who is selling will write you one or point you in the write direction. No vets have Winny-V. Why? To hard to get. They all said this.

There are three types of clen and three price ranges. Spiropent the most exp., next Novogam and then something called Brogal(company or what?) it cost $4 per box. It is a box with 20tabs at 30mg each(Ambroxol and clen). Has anyone used this?

The stores were fairly empty form the vacation rush. Most Pharmacists say, that Dec. is a good month. So plan your trips accordingly.
-Dr. Vet-

D) “When it comes to mailing packages back into the U.S. Here's something
I overheard!!!" - Written by Hulkster

He finds a book store in the city, that he's going to mail the packages from. He then makes up some mailing labels (nice and fancy) with the book stores name and address on it (or just ask the clerk for some of their business cards and tape them on the upper left corner as the return address). He purchases a large hard bound book and cuts a section from the center of it (only the pages, not the cover and the cover must be hard or reinforce it) he then places a small about he the products purchased in the nice little kubby hole and closes the book and places a little tape, so the book will not open, make sure that you place some fillers around the products, so if shaken, there are no loose sounds. Place the book in a shipping envelope that is lined with bubble wrap, seal and send first class, don't forget to place the book stores mailing label on it as the sender. If customs sees the package they will feel the package and know it's a book. Hell, it even as a label from the book store it came from. If it feels like a book, mailed (supposedly from that store) from a book store, not boxed up (as to hide something), has the shape of a book, THERE FOR, IT MUST BE A BOOK!!! This method is a pain, if you have bought shit loads of products, but it's one-way that I've never heard of being caught and allot of people use this method.

W C B B Sponsors
Southern Sarms
Egg Whites International

.. Any advice given on this board is just an opinion and not to be taken as medical advice. WCBB doesn't advocate or condone use of steroids. Check the laws in your country. WCBB just provides the platform in which to discuss such matters
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