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DHEA is one of those compound's that seems to either really help or really, well...not. Altho I hear it called a supplement I'm my opinion it's a ProHormone no matter how ya shake it. I gathered info from several different sites to write this as objective as possible.


The adrenal glands produces the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which has long been recognized as an important biomarker of aging but also a waste of money and more harmful than positive. As with all sex and growth hormones DHEA levels decline with age, so that a 70 year-old typically only produces maybe 20% of what he was generating 30-40 years ago. This dramatic reduction in production of DHEA coupled with GH, LH, FSH, and total testosterone levels dropping as well....need I say more in favor of HRT?!

DHEA levels dropping and an increase in a wide range of degenerative diseases appears to be more than coincidence n Men suffering and dying from heart disease as well as dementia and Alzheimer's tend to have somewhat less DHEA than others of the same age. Similarly, many types of cancer victims have been shown to have below-normal DHEA levels resulting from simple age increases (sorry y'all, that's the breaks)


For many years, there has been a question as to whether low DHEA levels were a cause or an effect of aging and degenerative diseases. Research on this has been ongoing for many years so I'm my opinion that equates to a reasonable probability.
Auto-immune disorders, especially lupus seems to, via research, help combat (for lack of a large vocabulary) the onset of and rapid increase of lupus and symptoms of lupus as well as Crohns disease.

Cholecystokinin, which is the hormone opposite from Ghrelin in a sense as it signals your brain to stop stuffing your face because you are, in fact, full. Well biochemists have research suggesting DHEA increases production of this hormone. Pair that with the fact DHEA also tends to inhibit the conversion of glucose to fat, so it stands to reason DHEA has the potential to be considered at least in part as a weight loss aid.... certainly for those men suffering andropause and ASIH.

I have read before where claims were made that DHEA potentially lowers cholesterol. Advocates claim DHEA lowers LDL and elevates HDL. There is no laboratory backed science on this that I can find but the placebo effect is an effective treatment at times. So as for DHEA doing anything to cholesterol....GRAIN OF SALT GUYS.

"Until 1996, DHEA was available mainly through compounding pharmacies* with a physician's prescription. In mid-1996, over-the-counter DHEA began to become available in some health food stores and some mail-order supplement suppliers. By 1997, it had become a widely-available nutritional supplement." (
Futurescience Home Page

I keep getting different dosage recommendations ranging from 25 mg. per day to 150mg daily. A lower dosage of DHEA is practically without risk of side effects. Anyone using an excess of 50 mg. per day should have their blood work done paying attention to DHEA sulfate levels. And as with any medications of the hormonal family you should have regular hormone panels performed by a doctor under who's care you need to be. Remember, you're getting older and LH, FSH, Testosterone, E2, cortisol, yada yada yada need to be monitored.


Supplemental DHEA will increase androgen (male sex hormone) levels in women; and at some dosage women will experience this increase in a physical manner . Deficiencies in male sex hormones are not uncommon in women. Modest increases in these hormones can increase characteristics such as motivation and sex drive. Many women take DHEA primarily for its testosterone-enhancing effects as the masculizing effects are not likely to onset as rapidly as testosterone. Again and as well as with males monitoring by a doctor of hormonal function via increase or decrease of any essential sex hormone is of paramount importance.


Wether you are male, female, Sasquatch or Chupa Cabral taking extremely high doses (1000 mg. or more per day, or the use of micronized DHEA powder or DHEA-alcohol solutions at more than about 200 mg. per day) may dangerously limit the output of the heart in response to exercise. In other words, if you do use DHEA (in any form or suspended in whatever solution) you can be putting your health at risk.

DHEA will dissolve in fats, oils and alcohol. Liquid DHEA, which is usually DHEA dissolved in alcohol, is now available and is is claimed to be unabsorbed into the bloodstream 4-5 times more quick than DHEA capsules or tablets. In the human body, DHEA is converted to DHEA sulfate, which is water soluble. Most of the DHEA in the bloodstream is DHEA sulfate.


DHEA is notorious for reacting or in other words, effecting different people in different ways and sometimes not consistently. However this doesn't mean one should not have their levels checked. suggests having a physician order this test:
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Sulfate Blood Test image-3540584-10436184 from the Life Extension Foundation. This test is sold by the Life Extension Foundation, but is actually performed by Labcorp, which is a large testing company that has about 1600 offices all across the United States. It's one of these new school online testing facilities. Visit this link: Labcorp web site for the location of a Labcorp testing office near you.


Reference litiature and inspiration:

Futurescience Home Page
Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate - Wikipedia
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