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Section II -- "JUICE NEWS"

Part 1

Sustanon 250
Sustanon 250 is a very popular testosterone blend among professional and aspiring bodybuilders. It was first developed by Organon to provide patients with a timed-release testosterone injection, and its effects last up to a month. The most common forms of Sustanon 250 on the North American market is the Russian and the Mexican forms. The Russian form gets smuggled out either through Bulgaria or through the Czech Republic. The Mexican form is smuggled right out of Mexico. As I said before, Sustanon 250 is a testosterone blend. The mixture is as follows:
Testosterone Propionate - 30mg
Testosterone Phenylpropionate - 60mg
Testosterone Isocaproate - 60mg
Testosterone Decanoate - 100mg

For an added note, it is often spelled differently depending on the country of origin. Example:
Sostenon 250
Sustanon 250
Sustenon 250

Sustanon is manufactured in about 50 countries around the world! Example:
Durandron (Organon: Spain)
Sostenon 250 (Organon: Mexico, Spain)
Sustanon 250 (Organon: Great Britain, The Netherlands, Finland, Turkey, Czech Rep., Bulgaria, India, Russia)
Deposterone (Gouglund Syntex: Mexico)

The dosages with Sustanon vary. It has been said that advanced bodybuilders and powerlifters will administer up to 1,000mg per week. Sometimes dosages of 2,000mg per week have been reported! I believe that a realistic dosage to make significant gains would be to administer 1cc/250mg to 2cc/500mg per week. Females bodybuilders can use Sustanon if low dosages are administered. Sustanon is mainly used for a "bulking cycle". Sustanon has the advantage of causing less aromatization to estrogen, thus causing fewer feminine side effects than testosterone enanthate and/or cypionate. This mixture is designed to work right away due to the testosterone propionate in the mixture, yet it keeps on working up to 3 to 4 months after the last injection. So you could call Sustanon a "self-tapering" steroid. Sustanon 250 has both a strong androgenic effect and a strong anabolic effect, making it a "foundation drug" in a steroid cycle. Reported negative side effects of Sustanon have been cases of aggressiveness, some gyno, and increased libido. Sustanon can suppress the luteinizing hormone (LH) and can cause some cases of severe acne and oily skin.

Since Sustanon 250 is usually used in a mass/strength cycles, and depending on the quality of mass that is desired, there are some variances of drugs that can be stacked with Sustanon. For higher quality dense muscle-mass gains, the high anabolics such as methenolones, oxandrolone and stanozolol are used. But if sheer mass gains are desired, then it can be used with oxymetholone, methandrostenolone, and various nandralones.

Since the popularity of Sustanon is so high, so are the probabilities of obtaining counterfeits and fakes. The Belgian/Dutch brands have been counterfeited often, and the bootleg Russian/Indian has labels with round corners, while the real labels have sharp corners. But take heart, there are NO known counterfeits of the Mexican Sustenon 250 available in the pre-loaded syringe format. The only thing wrong with this version is the needle is what we affectionately call a "cannon" so you might want to transfer the solution to a syringe with a smaller gauge needle. But when you buy these "pre-loads" insist with the source that you will receive real Mexican version. Some sources will sell you the polish cousin of Sustenon called Omnadren. Omnadren is a cheaper testosterone blend, and the muscle mass that you will receive will be substantial but will be mostly water and not the high quality density muscle-mass that you may desire. Source will sometimes switch the contents and put the Omnadren amps in a Sustanon package. Be careful. I also believe that Omnadren will cause severe acne breakouts. I believe that it is due to the impurities that may be inside Omnadren. One source named "Russian Guy" has been known to pull that switch. Omnadren is also cheaper than Sustenon so the profit will be greater for the source.

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.. Any advice given on this board is just an opinion and not to be taken as medical advice. WCBB doesn't advocate or condone use of steroids. Check the laws in your country. WCBB just provides the platform in which to discuss such matters
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