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Diet advice and looking to take something for insulin sensitivity

So, I'm extremely carb sensitive. I have a slow metabolism and it does not even matter if I'm in a calorie deficit, or do cardio. What usually happens is, I might loose 10-15 pounds in a few months after being very strict with diet and doing cardio and then it'll stall for months to the point where I'll just get tired of trying to cut weight. I'm currently taking in 2,200 calories a day, working out 4 days a week and doing 45 minutes of cardio a day and I gained weight. I DO suffer from sleep apnea, but have a cpap(though only had it a few months. Had old one for awhile but needed a new one) that I use every night. I'd like to not need to use the cpap anymore. I only need it when I'm over 220 pounds, but for the past few years I haven't been able to get under about 235. I'm thinking of getting on keto, but I'm too broke right now to have a super high protein and fat diet, as I am looking for employment at the moment; money is tight. For reference, I'm 6 foot tall and 250 pounds and I'll be 31 this year. Also important to note, my strength is increasing very fast, at least every two weeks.
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