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Without knowing anything about your body fat or training really, and not knowing anything about your experience.... Let me say that I am telling you what I do. If you have medical issues then you need to consider those before you do anything...

I too am carb sensitive and its good that you recognize that but you should also be aware that being carb sensitive, usually means that you are actually sensitive to insulin. Most people don't understand that and it's the insulin that causes issues when it comes to storing fat.

For me, I have really good luck with a zero carb plan and I take in no exogenous sugars. I drink black coffee and water. I don't take in any NET carbs. I eat a lot of leafy green vegetables and meats. I don't eat dairy because it has lactose which is a form of sugar. I don't eat fruit because of fructose.... ie, sugar. I do take multivitamins and I do not really worry about the fat content. My killer is carbs. Literally, if I wear to eat a lot of carbs, I can feel my hands swollen the next day.

I don't do much cardio..... this is me.. I do a lot of supersets. For example: I might do an arms day where I do preacher curls and tricep push downs. I might do 12 sets of each and I do not rest in between. I go from one exercise to the next and I keep going back and forth with no rest. This is my cardio.. IMO, if you want a better body, cardio is not the way to go. Cardio is for the heart, not the body. You can lose weight with cardio, no doubt... but cardio will make you lose weight all over and what I do will shape your body while burning fat. Take those extra minutes and put them into weights.. Still do cardio, just not hard and not for the calories as much as for the heart.

The diet I am on is daily just meat... I eat hamburger, steak, chicken, pork. I also eat salads and spinach and broccoli and pretty much any leafy green veggies. Stay away from any breads, pastas, any potatoes. You can have some cheese in moderation because the process of making cheese destroys the lactose but you cannot have other dairy.

And, when you stall, change something up.... Change the routine and shock the system. Go from light to heavy or heavy to light. Do 20 sets of 25 reps instead of 3 sets of 12. Shock the system..


I like your suggestion.Thnks
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