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Originally Posted by BigBody View Post
If one was going to use whey isolate instead of of EAA's or PeptoPro, would it be best to drink the protein from shake 1 and 2 all at once about 30-45mins beforehand?
I think a powder EAA blend would be easier to absorb/digest than from protein alone. Plus, when your muscles can absorb nutrients in hyper speed, more is better in the sense of amio's are the building blocks of proteins. Why not take advantage of the insulin sensitivity and give them directly to your muscles.. Sipping on it during the workout would be vital IMO. This would allow for a continuous supply of nutrients to your muscles, but also consistent blood glucose levels. Personally, my shakes would look like this.

dextrose 4:1 carb ratio
milk protein (whey/casein) 1:4 protein ratio
eaa's 1-5g
glutamine 1-5g
creatine 1-5g
vitamin c
vitamin e
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