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I think This is a mistake!!! Three orals of this nature, all at the same time, is going to crap out your liver.... If you must do a first cycle of any of these compounds then do it as a stand alone, that way, if a side develops you will have accurate tracking of the dosage, when the side appeared and what you did to reverse it...that will mean keeping a detailed log... if you run multiples on a first run you won't know which compound is responsible for the side, you won't know for sure how your body tolerates each compound only what you achieved with the blender chemistry your trying..... slow down, take your time and really really research these compounds thoroughly. don't ask buddies, don't ask strangers... do the research then come back with pointed questions instead of general ones...dosing affects each of us differently, I had great results on 50 mg of something other guys were taking at 150 mg, unless you do this slowly and methodically you won't know for sure what works best and is safest (using the least amount you can to achieve good results). If you aren't willing to educate yourself on the subject and log diligently... this isn't for you

No I agree, I guess ill just give the Msten and 4-andro an attempt if i can't find trest.
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