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This section offers a personal interview with a professional in either the field of medicine, health & fitness, nutrition, or law.

Anabolic Supplier
This issue, I had the opportunity to speak with a supplier from Mexico to discuss the interests in selling and shipping anabolics, and who, for obvious reasons, I cannot divulge their identity. They will be referred to as AS (anabolic supplier). Now, first I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. You have been supplying steroids to bodybuilders for about two years now, is that correct?

AS: Yes, that is right. I lifted weights for many years and on my visits to the states I realized the opportunity for this business here. The US, I think, promotes so much, the beauty of people and how they should look. So many people go to the gym and try to improve their looks and steroids are a faster way of doing it. How many people do you think work on bettering their physical appearance in Mexico? Compared to the US.

AS: The people here do not worry about it as much as Americans, I think. I would say that one out of twenty men go to the gym and workout here, depending on where you are in Mexico. Of course, the tourist areas will be more. So you would say that America is a big influence on fitness in Mexico. Doesn't your television and society influence you with a sexual appeal? I noticed how beautiful the women are, ha, ha, ha. And the television definitely advertises with sex appeal.

AS: Yes, the women here are beautiful, but they don't think that the appearance is so important. They know that the men will have big stomachs, that's just how it is, but Americans do have a lot of influence here. The tourists come here and are concerned about their bodies and American television and movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jean-claude have had much influence on the young Mexican culture. Out of all of the bodybuilders in Mexico, how many take advantage of steroids being available over the counter?

AS: Some do, but not many. I don't think it has gone that far for them yet. I don't think it is so popular yet to have the big body. It is much like the period in America in the 1970's and 1980's where bodybuilding was still thought of as abnormal but was gaining popularity. I think Americans have only come to an acceptance of the sport in the mid 1980's, but it is still not very understood here. People think we are aliens and look strange. Thanks to your movies and television, that is changing. I think you are right, I remember when bodybuilding started to reach the high school population and everyone wanted to get big. The incredible hulk came out on television as well as Arnold's popularity with Conan the barbarian. He and Lou Ferrigno are responsible for America's society to begin looking at it as appealing. Who was your personal influence?

AS: Arnold, definitely Arnold, I was so fascinated by him when I was younger. But, yes, I think that is why steroids are not taken as much here. And people grow up here with the pharmacies available to them for many drugs to use. If you are sick, you go to the pharmacy and they give you the medicine you need. If it does not work, then you go back and try another one until you are better. People here do not go to the doctor unless it is very serious. And also, since bodybuilding has not been a large thing until recently, people do not know so much about taking them. So, it's true that drugs can be purchased over the counter with out a prescription?

AS: By law you are required to have a prescription, but no pharmacy asks for it unless it is a very serious drug. Even doctors tell them to give medicine to people with out having a prescription. People just do not have the money to go to the doctor and the pharmacy, so the pharmacists actually will prescribe something. They so not have education in medicine, but they have books and experience as we all grow up with this knowledge available. Children here will give injections to their grandmothers and families. Serious drugs like psychotropic drugs. But any hormones can be bought as well as things like viagra and cancer medicine that is so expensive in the US.

AS: Yes, in fact, many Americans come here to buy cancer medication and aids medication because it costs so much over there. The pharmacies know this and do not give them any problems because they need the business for the money here. They know that Americans come here to buy steroids to take back home, especially in tourist areas like Can-Cun, Mazatlan, Puerta Vallarta, and mostly in Tijuana where they can cross the border and return home in a few short hours. Places like Tijuana though, have many counterfeit drugs, but in cities like Guadalajara, Mexico City, and places where tourists don't come a lot, you can get real ones and not worry. So, how much money can you make selling steroids on the black market?

AS: (laughs) Well, it is hard to say. I have made up to $10,000.00 in a month, I know that some are making that much a day, but they are very big and are actually phamacuitical companies, so they can manage it. It is very hard for me to handle the business that would generate that kind of money. So, how do you make sure that the steroids you send do not get caught by customs?

AS: I try many different methods. I send them in books that are cut out inside to fit them in, books are often sent in the mail with all of the book clubs and stores from the internet and it has never been unsuccessful yet. I have tried small packages, big packages, pottery, and many times it just gets caught, but if it looks and sounds completely innocent then they do not look at it. I just make sure it looks like a book and feels like one. Who's fault is it if the shipment is seized by customs and or the buyer is busted?

AS: Well, I couldn't say any one is at fault if every precaution was taken to ensure security. That is why the buyer should ask and agree on the method of shipment before they decide to buy. I admit that some of mine have been seized, but nobody has been caught by the police that I know of. Shipping in a book has never been seized yet, no matter what shipping company I used, regular mail, DHL, UPS, etc... Do you give refunds?

AS: I have not given refunds, but if something was my fault, I would give free products to make up for it. I have not had to do it very often. What should the customer do when buying steroids over the internet?

AS: First, they should know it is a good supplier. I know this is hard, but it is obviously important. They should ask how they send it and make sure it sounds OK. Then they should ask what brand names are available, if the supplier doesn't know this, then they are not experienced or not thorough. Being a supplier is not easy though. I get so many questions and orders at the same time and to trying to respond takes a lot of time. And some are not serious about it. They should be prepared to send the money and know exactly what they want if they have any experience. If they don't, then I will answer the questions, but many orders just say "I need some deca-durabolin" or "I want a cycle of sustanon 250". This means that we will need to write back to each other at least two more times, wasting my time and theirs. I think they should do some research on the steroids before ordering them so they know what they are doing and when they get them, they will know if it is fake. I am sure that there are pictures out there to be found. Yes, there are many web sites offering photos of steroids and fake steroids, but they will still wonder. I guess that's just all part of the risk, huh? Does your government frown upon sending steroids to the states?

AS: They care more now that the NAFTA treaty has been in effect. They feel that they should be more cooperative with your country and the drug problems. Mostly, they care about marijuana and cocaine here. Cocaine has become a big problem. But when it comes to pharmacy drugs, they will only take them from you if you are caught at the border, they will not arrest you like with narcotics. Are you ever afraid when receiving funds?

AS: Yes, I am often worried that the buyer might be an agent. When in a telegraph office or post office, I am very observant to my surroundings. I will often overlap my payments and shipments, meaning that once I receive confirmation of the wire transfer and control number, I will ship the product and then pick up my money a day or two later. I think if someone were watching me, they would think they missed me after the couple of days and if they did see me, they couldn't witness me buying the anabolics and shipping them because that has already been done. Do you have any regular customers or is it mostly new business?

AS: I have a lot of regular customers. The ones who take anabolics all year round. I think it is dangerous, but they are very good with them, professionals I would say. They know what to take and how to reduce the side effects and control it. But I also get up to ten and 15 new ones a day, but they are only for one cycle. Do you supply any professional bodybuilders?

AS: I can only answer yes to that, but I will not give his name. We have become friends and I would not do that to him. What's his initials?

AS: Can't help ya! I understand. What is the most asked for anabolics?

AS: I think Anadrol-50, Deca-durabolin, and Sustanon 250. They do not make a Mexican version of anadrol-50 any more, so how do you get it?

AS: It is available in some other countries, so I have to have another supplier send it for me. We have mutual agreements and friendships. Which product is your biggest money maker?

AS: I think Anadrol or Deca-durabolin, Anadrol because of the price, Deca because of the volume. Do you use your own products?

AS: I have used them in the past, a couple of cycles, but that was a long time ago. Do you compete?

AS: No. That hasn't really been an interest of mine. I enjoy being healthy and fit from training. Are there any drug problems in Mexico from pharmacy type drugs? Like pain killers and things? They would have you believe that if there were not laws in the US requiring a prescription, that many people would be addicted to pain killers and such.

AS: No. Nobody here abuses them. I think your country has laws just to have control of you. I think we have too much control in our country indeed. So, how much does, say, 100mgs of Deca-durabolin cost here at a pharmacy?

AS: You are asking me to give out a secret. But if they want to come here, it will cost much more, huh. It costs about 250 pesos or just over $25.00 for someone to buy in the pharmacy, but I get it cheaper than that. The pharmacies all have the same price, but will sometimes bargain with you a few dollars. Well, I think that's all the questions I have. Thank you for your time and trust in discussing this topic with me. Good luck.

Well, I learned some things of interest. Well, I hope you enjoyed the interview. We will be having an interview each month with someone just as interesting. So keep reading.

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.. Any advice given on this board is just an opinion and not to be taken as medical advice. WCBB doesn't advocate or condone use of steroids. Check the laws in your country. WCBB just provides the platform in which to discuss such matters
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