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Old 08-21-2019, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Friggemall View Post
Yep, all you can do is hope there are enough slutty does to keep him on his home turf.

While I gave it up, there is nothing more peaceful than sitting 20'-25' up in a tree (yes I liked being way the hell up there) on a winter morning with silver-dollar size snowflakes and it so calm you can hear them hitting the ground...and as the morning woods start to come alive, off about 300 yards you see the glimpse of him and your heart instantly starts beating so loud you hear it like a beating drum echoing in the Congo. Calming yourself to get under control, reaching for your bow with the pace that would make a snail tell you to hurry the f step by step he comes closer, looking left then right, sniffing the air, looking up...stopping, shaking the wet snow off...trying to avoid making eye contact with him hoping your breath doesn't make a fog giving you away as your heart begins thumping out of control again, you close your eyes and imagine the hundreds of shots you took at your 3-D target so you are used to the deer image you are about to draw down on, but you can not, will not look at that rack for if you do, your legs will begin to tremble and your arms shake and the huge oak's leaves you are nestled so high up in sound like the pom-poms of a 1,000 cheerleaders...getting yourself under control as he moves within 40 yards, you look for your opportunity to slowly and ever so quietly draw your bow back as his head goes behind the tree blocking his view of you...but he stops and there you are holding holding the 70lb at half draw for what seems like hours but it has only been a couple minutes at most and he steps out only to stop again and drop his head to the ground and instantly pops back up looking at the sound of a squirrel rustling and barking at him only 50 feet away in the opposite direction from you, giving you the opportunity to come to full draw lock in your site and place your finger on the trigger of your quick release launching your 350 grain broadhead and shaft at 320fps giving you perfect view of the flight of the arrow and hearing the impact as it hits true to the intended destination directly behind the front leg into massive beasts lung and heart as he leaps into the air already running before his feet resume contact with the snow covered ground below. The woods come alive with the sounds of him running and crashing into small trees and brush and at 75 yards he suddenly stops, turns to look at you before he collapses to the ground as to say farewell and treat the gift of my life you have been given with respect and allow me to nourish your table for many meals to come.
That is pretty much what happened last year. I down a nice buck we had never seen before about an hour after it started a heavy snowfall. Except the fact that he came running in and I only had about 3 seconds to figure out if I was going to kill him or not. Biggest buck I have ever killed not in antler size, but weight wise. He was 189 lbs dressed which is HUGE for my area of the Ozarks.
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