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Hormone Replacement Therapy Learn and discuss more on Testosterone Therapy and Hormone Replacement The role testosterone plays in maintaining youthful Testosterone Levels, alleviating depression, as well as inducing fat loss in those who are unable to reduce body weight regardless of diet and exercise.

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Old 05-24-2019, 04:27 AM
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Figure out your test levels before throwing anything else in to the mix, makes things easier.

My trt doc is a young guy, I had a conservative trt doc first that had me on test gel only, would not consider injects or nolva. I have gyno issues all my gear life and was able to control it, I stopped it so I could have the doc see what issues I was having and let him treat it. His answer to my gyno was to reduce my gel, he finally told me to use a quarter tube, down from a tube daily, when I found another doc, I felt terrible, kinda like depressed znd only felt like this after being reduced from my original amount, felt great then.

The next doc I got was an overweight woman PA who didn't believe in injects or nolva. She had me start off at one tube daily, and when my gyno flaired and she told me tamoxifen was for breast cancer, duh, and her boss wouldn't allow her to script it for me. I started taking research Tamox and when a blood test showed my hematocrit spiked she wanted me to go to a doc for Hematology. That's another story about her nkt listening. None of these docs would even consider my mom died from breast cancer and I wasn't happy having something in me that was growing. I started taking 'research' nolva, again, and told her, which got me a lecture and motivation to seek out a new doc.

I found the guy I have now from an internet search, I read his reviews from patients and made an appointment. Younger doc up to date with mens TRT and he scripted injects, went over sub q injects and scripted me Tamoxifen without blinking. He is against AI 's because he doesn't want to crash estrogen. Being in this game for a couple of decades I had my research and I would pick his brain and his answers were pretty much in line with what I knew. He spends a ton of time with me, my appointment time is always late but I know this because of the time he spends with his patients. We talked different compounds, which he will NOT prescribe, HGH which he feels is beneficial but very expensive and insurance balks at paying unless it is medically needed.

Personally, I felt my woman doc wasn't a good fit for me, not being sexist but a woman just doesn't know how a man feels, mine certainly didn't and shut off all conversations I tried to have with her. My current doc set me up, twice, for gyno surgery and insurance covered it because of my family link to breast cancer, which he cited. I do know that Tamoxifen causes my hematocrit to spike so I only use it when needed which isn't ofter now that I had my gyno from the past docs 'mistakes'. I love this guy.
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