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Old 03-02-2011, 08:20 PM
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Glycomann has a reputation beyond reputeGlycomann has a reputation beyond reputeGlycomann has a reputation beyond reputeGlycomann has a reputation beyond reputeGlycomann has a reputation beyond reputeGlycomann has a reputation beyond reputeGlycomann has a reputation beyond reputeGlycomann has a reputation beyond reputeGlycomann has a reputation beyond reputeGlycomann has a reputation beyond reputeGlycomann has a reputation beyond repute
A testosterone ester as a base

I don't think there is a standard definition of testosterone base. I see guys running it super high all the time or even exclusively. I think it gets lost that anabolic steroids were developed to get around the unwanted effects of testosterone. These mainly arise from androgenic component and estrogenic conversion. Anabolics were first used in sport by Russian Olympic lifters and strength athletes. They used testosterone. It came to be known that these Russian athletes often developed prostate hypertrophy. In some the problem was severe enough that they had to be catheterized. There is no doubt that testosterone can build muscle but it has some unwanted effects for certain. These are primarily associated with conversion to DHT and estrogens. As the dose increases the body converts more and more testosterone into these two sets of compounds. DHT leads to oily skin and has a hand in BPH. Oily skin leads to acne. Estrogen leads to water retention, feminine fat distribution and feminizing of the male breast. These are definitely things we don't want to have.

There is no doubt that testosterone is required in the male body. We do need estrogen and DHT as well as other metabolites of the compound. No other compound likely does all the jobs of testosterone and I doubt very much that we know all the functions it serves. It is the steroid that evolution has chosen for our system to work most efficiently. So, there is no doubt that we need some. But how much is some. ON average about 100 mg of a medium ester will do the job, placing the plasma levels in the high mid-range to low mid range through its weekly peak and trough, Certainly 200-300 mg/w of the same ester ( Test E or C) will put plasma levels to or over the top of normal range. This really should be enough and somewhere between 100-300 mg there should not be too much aromatization for much of anyone nor should there be too much conversion to DHT. Of course this varies from person to person.

It seems that since aromatase inhibitors exist everyone wants to start popping them like M & Ms. But AIs do nothing for DHT and if you shut down tha pathway to estrogen then testosterone is going to be shunted to DHT. Do we really want those sides too? You might say, well just add finesteride. Well that stuff will make you soft and impotent in a hurry and it doesn't wear off for a long long time.

So why is everyone dosing testosterone so high when we have such wonderful anabolics that can be used to control side effects. Compounds like boldenone undecylenate , the nandrolone esters, methenolone, oxandrolone, stanozolol, and for a little more androgenic quality, trenbolones, dromostanolone .. and for some in between, methandrostenolone and oxymetholone. WE really have an arsenal of compounds that are fairly safe and can be used to tweak our treatment to avoid many of the side effects while maximizing anabolic action and well being.

So, go and build your perfect cycle. I'd suggest using less testosterone but definitely keeping it in as a base. by base I mean between 100 - 400 mg or even as high as 500 in some people might be OK.. but I would suggest a decent dose would be 200-250 mg. that will put you at or over the top of normal range for the average man (blood testing is f course advised). Then add in your favorite anabolic(s). Equipoise is a great one for me. 200-300 mg/w test C plus 600 mg of boldenone undecylenate. Another might be a nandrolone in its place at 300-500 mg/w. Now many of you might regurgitate Internet lore stating that test should always be higher than deca. Well I don't buy it. Higher test is going to aromatize and convert to DHT and lead to more sides. Kept at a moderate dosage and assuming that you are can handle nandrolones you should be fine. methenolone would be another choice at 500-700 mg/w. Some of you that can handle trenbolones might add 225-450 mg/w. But remember the trenbolones are highly androgenic so you will get DHT like sides like oily skin and possibly some BPH like symptoms.

The list can go on of mixing and matching. You can use a light test base with a boldenone and add in a little tren or Mast for a little more androgen. You can do the same but substitute an oral like dianabol or a hardener like fluoxymesterone or stanozolol.

The main point is I think things are getting a little off track when so many want to run testosterone so high and try to deal with sides with an AI. You are just unnecessarily causing yourself some grief. I do think there is a place for AI use but not as part of a program where you are stamping out an estrogen fire and driving a DHT fire. They should probably be confined to side effect control. Take advantage of the compounds that have been vetted by the FDA and other regulatory bodies and know their properties. Your cycles will be more effective, safer, and more side effect free.. and get your regular blood work.
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