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Old 05-09-2018, 07:08 PM
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Growth Hormone and the Average Bodybuilder

: Growth Hormone and the Average Bodybuilder
by Grendel

This interview was recently conducting with a very good friend who is about to start taking growth hormone for the first time. Growth Hormone is a very misunderstood drug and furthermore, most bodybuilders do not use it in the correct way. My friend is very knowledgeable about bodybuilding drug use and pharmacology and has designed a very sound course of action (plus he is assisted by yours truly). This first interview will cover the bodybuilderís background and his plans. In 6 weeks, we will publish the follow up.

Grendel: Hi man. Lets go over some background questions to bring everyone up to speed. Give me the quick run down

Joe: Well, ok. Lets do this. I am 5í10, 250. I figure my body fat to be around 12 percent (by calipers). This is my normal year round sort of condition. However, I have never truly been ripped. I came down from a very high percentage of body fat about three years ago.

Grendel: So you have never had a visible six pack?

Joe: Nope, never.

Grendel: Well, what is your experience with anabolics?

Joe: I have used them in the past. I have used testosterone and Nandrolone as well as trenbolone. I have used clenbuterol and cytomel as well. I used GHB and catapres, which are both GH boosters.

Grendel: What made you consider using growth hormone?

Joe: Well, frankly, growth hormone is a very powerful lipotropic agent. If you look at the studies you will see that GH is not terribly anabolic on its own; of course there is a lot of synergy between it and testosterone and other anabolic agents. But on its own, GH appears to be very potent at decreasing body fat. Testosterone is good at this, but GH performs a lot better from the studies I have seen. But remember these studies are using 6 IUS per day of GH.

Grendel: That would get expensive. I think that a lot of people donít use GH correctly and thatís why they donít see any results. What do you think?

Joe: Yes, this is always what I think. If you want to get huge then you use GH in combination with testosterone and insulin. You need at least 6 IUS of GH per day for at least 2 months to see much from it. They claim you can use a lot less GH if you are cutting up, like 1-4 IUs per day, but I am skeptical. Frankly, I donít see much point in using GH unless it's at least 4 IUs per day.

Grendel: Ok. So you intend to use GH in the coming week right?

Joe: Yes, I think its ideal for my situation. I happen to be getting it at a very sweet price and I think it will be of great help. If it wasnít for the price I would pass on it, but this is too good. Most people shouldnít use GH unless the price is right. Now you can get a Serostim kit for like 600-700 dollars, which is not a bad priceÖthat like 6 bucks an IU which is ok. I think Dan Duchaine used to say to use GH if you can get it below 10 bucks an IU, .... that, if you can get it for 5 or less dollars an IU then go for it. Otherwise, just use a lot of testosterone or get liposuction.

Grendel: Alright man, give me an outline of your plan

Joe: Well here is goes. I am going to be using 6 IU's of GH per day. I intend to take 3 IU's after I train and 3 IU's before I go to bed. I will be taking 100 mg of testosterone propionate per day (ouch). I will be taking 75 mg of trenbolone acetate every other day. I intend to use 150 mcg of cytomel per day. I probably won't use clenbuterol because there is evidence it decreases GH levels in the body. I will probably use Lipokinetics. Now I will be doing this for about 6 weeks. Oh yeah, and I am taking .25 mg of arimidex every day as well. I may continue using the testosterone for a few weeks after I stop the GH and the cytomel. I havenít decided yet, it sort of depends on where I end up.

Grendel: So you are looking to do what with this cycle?

Joe: I want to drop a significant amount of body fat while preserving my lean muscle mass. I also have some chronic shoulder problems and I think GH might help with those. By the way, I will be using appetite suppressants too. I like dexatrim a lot, very good stuff.

Grendel: what about training and diet?

Joe: Damn it! You got me. Ok, fine, yeah I will be dieting. I intend to keep my carbs very low for this whole time, I want to be in ketosis. I may use metformin to speed up getting my body into this state, but I need to check to make sure its not going to effect the GH levels. So my diet will be low carb and rather low calories, like maybe 1500 tops. Of course moderate protein and high fat. If you eat too much protein you can actually drop out of ketosis because the body will convert protein to glucose. I am going to try to keep my insulin levels very low. If you look in any basic biology book you will see that insulin and GH are mutually exclusive hormones, high levels of insulin blunt GH production and vice versa.

Grendel: Yes, yes I know that.

Joe: Anyway, as for training I like to keep my training volume very high and do high reps when I am trying to lose weight. I will be training 6 days on, 1 day off. I will try to do 45 minutes of cardio per day and build up to 1.5 hours per day of some sort of low impact cardio like the stair climber or elliptic tracker. I will get a lot of sleep at night. I may use GHB (actually 1,4 butendiol) to help me sleep at night and also because it boosts GH levels.

Grendel: Why are you using GH since you are not really a top ranking bodybuilder and your not getting ready for a show? Seems like a waste to me.

Joe: Well, like I said I am getting this GH for very little so itís a good time to experiment. I agree, most people just can't rationalize GH unless they are competing and making money doing so. I also know that I could get similar results with higher dosages of androgens and more thermogenics. But to be honest, I would rather keep my testosterone levels low. I know that extremely high dosages of GH can have all sorts of crazy side effects over the long run, but I think that my dosages are fine. At most moderate dosages I think GH has a lot less side effects then testosterone. You donít lose your hair and you won't break out, which is a plus. I am a little worried about internal organs swelling, but I think thatís from a higher dosage than 6 IUs per day and 100 mg of testosterone per day.

Grendel: Ok, well, good luck and we will talk in a few weeks

Joe: Thanks Grendel, yeah, I hope it goes well. I sure do want abs for Christmas.

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Excellent read, I hope we can get further information on his progress.
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Nice pick up. The shared article is really good. Thanks!
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