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Egg White Nutrition Facts

Egg White Nutrition Facts
Egg white is one of the richest and most easily available source of protein. Read on to know some egg white nutrition facts.

Egg white, also called as 'Albumen' or 'Glair', is the clear liquid part surrounding the egg yolk, inside an egg. The egg white, starts out as cytoplasm of the unicellular egg and is meant to provide nutrition to the developing embryo. That is why, egg white is rich in nutrients and makes for an ideal natural nutritional supplement. This article will present some egg white nutrition facts for you to ponder upon. Eggs are small packages filled with abundant nutrients. After reading this article, you are bound to make egg white a part of your diet, if you haven't already!

The egg white is one of the purest and richest sources of protein. Most of the dietary protein supplements manufactured for bodybuilders are derived from an egg white! If you are a fan of the 'Rocky' series of movies, you will remember Sylvester Stallone starting his training at 4 am in the morning, by breaking two eggs in a glass and drinking them raw! Whenever, I think of egg white, I somehow always remember that scene! So, moral of the story is, egg white is the most potent source of proteins, which can assist in muscle building, as a bodybuilding supplement. Rocky has it daily, you should have it too!

Egg White Nutrition Facts For You

Egg white is the most nutritious part of an egg. The yellow blob in the center (called yolk) is not so nutritious, as it contains a lot of cholesterol, which is bad for your heart, if consumed in excess! Here is a compilation of some egg white nutrition facts for you.

• Nearly ninety percent of the egg white is water! Also egg white constitutes two thirds of the whole weight of the egg.
• Other than water, rest of the egg white content is made up of proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats and glucose.
• Egg white or 'Albumen' is a transparent and clear fluid, in its natural state. It becomes 'white' only after its cooked. The change in color is attributed to a chemical change, wherein, the long amino acid chains are broken and a more rigid protein structure is formed. This process is called denaturation.
• Egg white has absolutely zero cholesterol, but is loaded with proteins!
• A standard large egg's, egg white content will supply about 20 calories. These 20 calories derived are from proteins, carbohydrates and sodium. Read more on 'Egg White Calorie Count'.
• One of the most interesting egg white nutrition facts is, that egg white contains about 40 different types of proteins, each highly beneficial to the human body and many minerals like zinc, iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. All these minerals are necessary for the body to have hair, fingernails, bones and teeth.
• Egg white mainly contains the protein Ovalbumin, which plays a big role in enzyme metabolism of the body and works as a storage protein. Read more on 'Egg White Protein vs Whey Protein'.
• One of the most important egg white nutrition facts, which must be remembered is about the side effects of its over consumption! Over consumption of egg white can cause Biotin deficiency. Too much excess of anything is a bad idea for our health. Over consumption of egg white can also cause constipation and release of excess sulfur gas, which may cause problems.
• Egg white contains the vitamin B6 and B12, as well as Riboflavin and Folate. Riboflavin is needed by the body for cell growth. Folate is required by the body to maintain heart health.

You can have egg white in the form of hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs or even fried eggs in the form of an omelet. If you ask me about cooked egg white nutrition facts, then I will say that its nutrition value only slightly diminishes, after cooking. It still retains much of its nutritional value in cooked form.

Hope these egg white nutrition facts have provided you with all the information that you need to know. Make it a point to include eggs in your regular diet.
By Gray Pilgrim

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