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Old 01-03-2016, 07:06 AM
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6 Perfect Meals - subjective

Build lean mass & torch your bodyfat with this full day's worth of perfect food choices

The following six meals have one thing in common: they're perfect. They're flawless. They're clean as can be, and they're ideal because they help you build muscle (provided you're hitting the gym devotedly), burn fat and promote overall stellar health. And, conveniently, they account for a full day's worth of great eating.

Not sure what to eat for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? All of the above? Now you are. And while you may have to tweak portion sizes to fit your bodytype, the following meals are about as universally bodybuilder-friendly as they come. Enjoy.

1 chicken breast (200-250 g)
1 yam
250 g peas, corn and carrots
603 calories, 69 g protein, 61 g carbs, 7 g fat

Why? The combination of carbohydrates and lean protein in this meal increases the levels of insulin in the blood, fostering a hormonal environment that's deal for muscle growth. Yams digest slowly, helping to sustain that environment, and lower-fat protein, like this chicken breast, helps keep bodyfat in check.

Hardgainer Tip: Add a tall glass of semi-skimmed milk and sauté the chicken in extra-virgin olive oil for additional protein and essential fats that help growth.

Shredding Tip: Eat half the yam and ditch the vegetable medley, which is higher in calories, for a lower-calorie vegetable like green beans.

4-6 egg whites with 2 whole eggs
1 serving semolina
1 banana
525 calories, 38 g protein, 59 g carbs, 15 g fat

Why? Eggs, a universal bodybuilding staple, offer easy-to-digest protein to kick-start muscle growth. Semolina provides energy-rich complex carbohydrates, and bananas contain both fructose and potassium, which support glycogen formation in the liver and muscles to minimize muscle breakdown in the body.

Hardgainer Tip: Substitute 475 ml of semi-skimmed milk for water in prepping the semolina. This adds another 16 grams of protein, 24 grams of carbohydrate and 4 grams of fat.

Shredding Tip: Go with all egg whites to keep fat and calories as low as possible and substitute 150 g of strawberries for the banana to shed another 50 calories.

170-250 g extra-lean minced beef
300 g pasta
120 g broccoli
700 calories, 60 g protein, 83 g carbs, 13 g fat

Why? For muscle-building, there's nothing like beef and it contains creatine, all the necessary aminos and a full spectrum of B vitamins, and it's dense in iron to assist in energy production. Pasta provides carbs, which are essential for energy, and broccoli yields compounds that help with fat control.

Hardgainer Tip: Choose lean, not extra-lean, beef. The extra fat and calories spare the burning of glycogen and protein for greater growth.

Shredding Tip: Temper your lunchtime carb intake: eat just 150 g of pasta but double up on the broccoli it's low in calories, high in fibre helps to control calories and your feelings of hunger.

THE PERFECT PRETRAINING SNACK (One hour before training)
225 g fat-free cottage cheese
4 slices rye toast with 2 Tbsp. jam
532 calories, 35 g protein, 89 g carbs, 4 g fat

Why? The protein from cottage cheese hits the blood by workout time, sparing muscle breakdown. Jam offers sugar, which kicks up insulin to minimize breakdown as well. Rye bread is a slow-burning carb, preventing blood-sugar drops that can come from eating sugar alone.

Hardgainer Tip: Include extra jam to guard against the depletion of glycogen.

Shredding Tip: Stick to two slices of toast to control carbs but don't forgo the jam as you'll need the quick burst of energy to offset muscle breakdown.

Whey-protein shake (two scoops mixed with water)
150 g rice with 4 Tbsp. raisins
549 calories, 45 g protein, 91 g carbs, 2 g fat

Why? Recovery and growth. Fast-digesting protein and carbs jump-start the rebuilding process. Whey is a great source of amino acids, and the rice and raisin mixture offers concentrated carbs that kick up insulin for muscle repair.

Hardgainer Tip: Bump the rice serving to 225 g for more simple carbs.

Shredding Tip: Eat 75 g rice and 1-2 tablespoons raisins.

Turkey sandwich with:
2 slices granary bread
2-3 slices reduced fat cheese
3-4 slices deli turkey breast
Mustard and fat-free mayo
316 calories, 36 g protein, 34 g carbs, 8 g fat

Why? Convenience, as well as that much-needed sixth meal of the day. The balanced combination of protein, carbs and fat in this sandwich are ideal for mass-building.

Hardgainer Tip: Add a glass of semi-skimmed milk and a piece of fruit if you have a speedier-than-average metabolism.

Shredding Tip: Use carb-reduced bread to keep carbohydrates and calories under control.

Author Unknown

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.. Any advice given on this board is just an opinion and not to be taken as medical advice. WCBB doesn't advocate or condone use of steroids. Check the laws in your country. WCBB just provides the platform in which to discuss such matters
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