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Old 06-04-2010, 02:02 PM
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Anabolic Steroids vs Metabolic Diet

Unlike the high carb diet that can work against the body’s system of growth producing hormones, the Metabolic Diet maximizes the production and utilization of the big four growth producers – testosterone, growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) and insulin – and does it naturally. It also shifts the body’s metabolism from that of a sugar burning, fat producing machine to that of a fat burning machine. With the body packing on extra muscle and simultaneously burning both dietary and stored body fat, the bodybuilder finds himself twice blessed.

The Metabolic Diet stresses an initial high fat/high protein/low carbohydrate approach to nutrition. Many in the general public will dismiss it out of hand citing the popular beliefs that fat is a prime component in heart disease, cancer and obesity. Likewise, many bodybuilders have come to assume the dietary fat smoothes the bodybuilder out and blurs definition.

Dietary fat, when utilized properly as in the Metabolic Diet, can be the key to growth and success. And while some will see the Metabolic Diet as a new, revolutionary, even dangerous approach to nutrition its basics actually originated with the dawning of mankind.

The world of professional sports is beginning their campaign against anabolic steroids. Strict drug testing began in the world-class bodybuilding community and the cry went out for some natural alternative to steroids. By that time steroids had assumed its place as a “wonder drug” among bodybuilders and other athletes.

Physically, steroids had been shown to have a remarkable effect on muscle growth and strength. Psychologically, they provided users with an aggressive, contentious mindset very useful in competition and training. The fact that they swept through the bodybuilding and other sport communities where getting a competitive edge was so important to winning was not surprising. Unfortunately, steroids were found to have some severe side effects.

Moodiness and an unhealthy aggression toward others that could extend to violence (known as “‘roid rage”) were widely reported in sporting journals. Links to heart disease, liver cancer, kidney disease and sterility were also discovered. With the evidence mounting, there was little choice but to shut down their use in the international sporting arena.

Steroids can also make the athlete lazy. He’ll get growth with marginal training methods but find the road much tougher when he gets off steroids and has to do all the work himself. Metabolic diet or not, it may take him awhile to get back up to speed with proper training methods. Then there’s the diet itself.

Like any diet, if you don’t follow it you’re not going to get results. Some bodybuilders who’d been cruising on steroids for a long time found it difficult to replace the ease of steroids with a diet that required some commitment. Finally, some people chose to believe that a natural program could replace steroids (and the dozens of other drugs, such as growth hormone, IGF-I, insulin, thyroid hormone, diuretics) immediately and offer the exact same results. There is no way this can occur. Over a short time period, no diet is going to replace steroids. But over the long term, the Metabolic Diet, coupled with high tech nutritional supplements, has proven to be a very effective alternative to steroids providing the same kind of results without the “Russian Roulette” nature of steroid usage.

In a world where steroids are a real gamble, both in terms of competition and health, the Anabolic and Metabolic Diets gave the bodybuilders who used it that natural edge they were looking for. Indeed, you can do most anything with steroids and achieve some gains. But, though the Metabolic Diet will help you to some degree, your use of steroids will keep you from maximizing some of the endogenous anabolic hormones the diet seeks to stimulate, particularly endogenous testosterone.

Bottom line, the Metabolic Diet is really meant for the natural athlete who wants to be the best he can be naturally, but it works for anyone, with or without drug use. And, while it’s much easier and convenient to stay on than the high carb diet, it will still require some dedication and the will to properly execute it. The key to success in the diet is to make sure you take your body through a “metabolic shift” where you’ll begin to use dietary fat and body fat instead of carbs and muscle protein as the main fuel for your body. To do this, you’ll have to follow the diet very closely, especially at the beginning.

The battle the drug-free athlete engages in is not an easy one. He must face up to drug-using and abusing competition and drug-based competitive standards in every contest. What the Metabolic Diet does is to give him the same kind of benefits the drug user obtains. By introducing anabolic drugs or agents into his body, the drug user increases the circulating amount of anabolic hormones and other compounds, which in turn produces the desired anabolic effect of muscle growth.

The Metabolic Diet does the same thing. Only instead of introducing the anabolic substances from an exogenous source outside the body, the diet stimulates the production of anabolic hormones IN THE BODY. It’s LEGAL and it’s SAFE. And, best of all, it’s a SURE THING. If you follow the diet, IT WON’T FAIL. It may sound bizarre. It may counter everything you’ve ever been led to believe about diets, fat and carbohydrates. BUT IT WORKS. It is a biochemical inevitability. YOU WILL get the combination of increased lean body mass with less body fat you’re looking for if you follow the diet properly. And you’ll get it naturally. Without the dangers of steroids.

Bibliography : “The Anabolic Solution” by Mauro di Pasquale

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.. Any advice given on this board is just an opinion and not to be taken as medical advice. WCBB doesn't advocate or condone use of steroids. Check the laws in your country. WCBB just provides the platform in which to discuss such matters
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Great article. I've been on a high protein diet for over 10 years and can verify it's effectiveness at weight control for one but don't see that it approximates the use of AS to much degree. What it does do is keep your BP low, your fat low and promotes a general healthy feeling imo. If there's anything close to a perfect diet I would nominate this one. This is a relatively expensive way to eat but worth it in my opinion.

All this plus you can literally eat non-stop without gaining fat. It is difficult to avoid carbos at first but you get used to it and of course cheat every once in a while, what's life without a little ice cream and chocolate every here and there. I guess your "metabolic diet is a little different perhaps but seems to have much in common with the caveman/Atkins diet.
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