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MMA Training Articles related to MMA and BJJ

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Old 03-02-2011, 05:58 PM
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Mma training

I am a big fan of kettlebells for MMA Prep.
The multiple movements and synergy required is almost a fight in itself.
I also use dumbbells on an incline treadmill - expands your wind
And you can 'round ' really well.
I was a very heavy competitor in raw benching until about 8 years ago-- I enjoy the new caveman approach of the bells, bull ropes clubs and sandbags.
Gets the heart rate up at a level that no amount of road work can reach .
And from a jujitsu standpoint, your grip will become like a vice.
The concept of training with these methods really creates muscle memory in a way that every fiber in your body can be employed .
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Old 02-27-2012, 04:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Viking View Post
Just wondering how hard you push the weights while training mma. I guess im just worried about going back into the weights hard since starting mma and overtraining.
Personally I'm not MMA - however 40 years of daily martial art training - many methods many styles , 30 years if weights .
You need only listen to your body. At some point you will need to decide which one is your master. Lift to enhance power , to balance imbalances for injury prevention, however if you become a bodybuilder and compete you will at minimum devote specific times when you devote yourself to one over the other . If you actively do MMA training then obvious doing extra cardio on treadmill or stairs will be limited or used at all. Use practice of techniques over time your cardio. Just remember actual fighting will never be replaced by any training device or method. Becoming a good fighter one needs to have endurance and good be in Shape, but the skill is training the mind not the body. To be a better fighter comes from fughting not exercise. While im on a roll, "from a jujutsu" standpoint???? Why ill never get it- the public got it all wrong jujutsu is not grappling, there is no such sport as jujutsu- that is called judo- jujutsu is a complete system and philodophy of fighting with weapons by soldiers on rhe battkefield, it is not grappling or holds or wrestling. Sheesh the brazilians screwed up the terminology forever- kano sent his judo champ almost 100 years ago to spread judo , of course he didnt speak brazil and their jap was limited- judo is the sport form of jujutsu - judo is grappling and throwing. Jujitsu is a form of bujutsu never a sport . When will people ever correct this bulkshit- I see it here and see the mags it burns the hell out if me, it's like sacrilegious . Ju is a concept, jutsu connotates a method of war. "do" is for sport ie judo - Brazilian Judo lmao . 40 years training , In the army I toured the word went to desert storm 3x , still train soldiers in combat methods . Nothing peeves me more than this nothing.......anyway good luck lmao Keep yourself grounded in pursuing what your heart desires and ignore the pettiness of others
40 years martial arts/ 30 years bodybuilding/ LICSW/CSCS/ menkyo,Guro, Shodan +

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Old 03-02-2012, 08:29 AM
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i stopped all weight training. i was a power lifter for 7 years and found that my natural weight, some 30# less than my lifting weight was better for BJJ and Muay Thai. i would like to incorporate kettle bells as they are explosive moves that i dont feel would slow me down but i am doing well now and dont want to change what is working for me.

before a BJJ tourny i do rubber band training and plyo and i gain a few #s but for striking light is fast.
Doc "Do you do cardio"

Vandoo "Yes, I lift faster."
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