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Old 07-25-2007, 10:24 PM
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by Loki

The chemically-structured 'little cousin' of Methyltrienolone-- one of the most potent steroids ever synthesized--'Methyldienolone,' which also goes by the names 'Methyl-Dien™' & it's true, structural designation 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxyestra-4,9(10)dien-3-one, is one of the newest & most intriguing 17-alpha-alkylated (i.e. 'methylated') androgens to have recently emerged in the PH/AAS market as of late.

Little true data exists concerning the use of methyldienolone in healthy human subjects, and-- at the moment I am writing this article-- user feedback concerning the compound simply does not exist to any significant degree. To my knowledge, at present, I am one of only roughly a half-dozen individuals in the United States to have used methyldienolone in a cycle. Thus, for the purposes of this piece, I will be relying more on my own individual experiences/observations with the compound, rather than lab assays & its presumed anabolic: androgenic activity ratio.

Methyldienolone, for all extents & purposes, can best be thought of as a highly orally bioavailable, non-aromatizing 19-Nortestosterone derivative that boasts a very anabolic and moderately androgenic profile. Just to give you an idea, methyldienolone is only a single double-bond away from the 'ubersteroid' 17a-Methyl-17b-Hydroxyestra-4,9,11-Trien-3-one, one of the most anabolic (as well as hepatotoxic) steroids known to man.

In my own limited experience with the compound, methyldienolone is a rather singular androgen in its utter absence of effects on mood, energy levels, and SNS activity. While it is moderately androgenic (and thus has the penchant to produce any/all of the typical androgenic sides associated with PH/AAS use [acne, hair loss, prostate hypertrophy, et. al.]), methyldienolone does not appear to have any significant effect on energy levels, appetite, aggression/complacency, or cognitive capacity. Furthermore, given its close structural similarities to methyltrienolone (as well as its tremendous potency), methyldienolone has to be considered the most hepatotoxic commercially-available 17aa-androgen at present. Still, it is my own personal opinion-- based on an extensive perusal of steroid studies & tests from the past several decades-- that this risk is generally overemphasized when discussing methylated compounds, and is not something that should be considered 'truly dangerous' for a healthy, fit male subject using it in moderation. Nonetheless, just because a phenomenon is not overly dangerous does not mean that some danger does not exist, and use of 17aa-androgens certainly could pose a risk if misused or abused. Thus, as with all 17aa-androgens, those with prior liver conditions &/or concerns in this regard should make sure they exercise the utmost caution if they choose to pursue methyldienolone for personal use.

In terms of its anabolic capabilities, methyldienolone is, without doubt, the most potent (on a mg/mg basis), widely-available 17aa-androgen that one can currently obtain 'legally' (Author's note: Although it is important to note that the actual 'legality' of this class of compounds [re: 17aa-androgens] in compliance with the terms of DSHEA should be considered 'questionable' at best). As a comparison, 1mg of methyldienolone seems to be equivalent, anabolically, to ~8-12mg of 17aa-1-Testosterone (also known as Methyl-1-Test). Impressive (and often rapid) LBM gains (even in the face of a caloric deficit), marginal strength increases, and noticeable aesthetic improvements in vascularity, muscle hardness & fullness, as well as a visible 'leaning out' effect are all facets to methyldienolone use that I have witnessed first-hand.

As a stand-alone androgen, methyldienolone should be used @ 1-3mg/day. Heavily experienced &/or much larger lifters might do better with 4-5mg/day (although it is still recommended that one starts low and builds up, for purposes of assessing tolerance & its effects), and I do not feel that there is any need whatsoever to exceed the 5mg/day dose-range. 750mcg-1000mcg (1mg) of methyldienolone can also be used in stacks with other androgens as well, although it is NOT recommended that one attempt to use methyldienolone in conjunction with aromatizing androgens such as 4-androstenediol (4AD) due to the potential incidence of progesterone-induced side-effects, which can negatively affect mood, skin appearance, insulin sensitivity, and vascularity, among other potentially-detrimental occurrences/conditions.

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Loki's way off as far as usable dosages is concerned but MD is a very interesting steroid nonetheless. Shame that it is impossible to find. There are a number of very good steroids which I think got overlooked because of brobotic herdlike thinking about supposed "prohormones" - 1-testosterone and m4ohn would be other prime candidates for real, high-quality steroids which could and should have caught on if people had been open to their merits.
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